Who is she?

Molded from love, contoured by values,
She is painted with a thousand different hues.

Eyes with dews, a beautiful mind to peruse,
She has a heart that rescues.

A beloved daughter, a tender wife and a doting mother in good stead,
She brings home the bacon, the cheddar and the bread.

A life-giver, a nurturer and a healer,
A master-chef, a caretaker and a stripper.

Her roles are no easy,
You would agree.

Delicate like a rose petal,
Yet so full of fierce mettle.

She cries her soul out the whole night,
To bring forth her brightest smile during daylight.

Ever-sacrificing for her dears,
Never disowning her nears.

She is God’s most precious gift to man,
She is a Woman. 

(Image borrowed from Google)

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

24 thoughts on “Who is she?”

  1. Interesting poem, and yes, many contradictions and hidden humor. “God’s precious gift is a stripper?” hardly.. (unless it is your husband and having another persons husband doesn’t count) LOL

    1. Hi there, of course in the poem, I meant that the woman is a stripper to her husband only. But then, even bar strippers are God’s gift to men. We are all human in the end. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for liking the poem.

      1. LOL ha! of course you did. πŸ˜‰

        You need to pray to Yeshua for an awesome husband of your own. (Your Adam) for you and only you. There is one man out there who was designed from the very beginning to be your specific mate–don’t believe otherwise. I wish somebody had told me this a long time ago because it would have saved a lot of heartache, and being used as I searched for love.

        Your personal Adam is looking for you right now–he may even be praying to find you. He will know when he sees you. BUT you must ask God in prayer to send him to you. (activate it in the spiritual where Yeshua resides, and it will manifest. Expect him.) Don’t settle to be used, spiritually, sexually or emotionally by the worldly men–even the older ones will use and find another eventually because they are not looking for a wife, or any substance. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a woman is, they will continue to do such things until their hearts get right with God.

        Be a woman of God “God’s Girl” and God will see that you honor Him and he will send you your Adam.

        Your Adam will ‘know’ who you are and he will dote on you and love you and never take advantage of you sexually or emotionally as the others have. He will marry you first because he thinks that highly of you with respect and he will forever trust you, love you and adore you and your children! (Proverbs 31) This is wisdom pretty young mermaid.

        May Yeshua bless you with your Adam and you have a beautiful mermaid wedding dress as well. πŸ™‚

        Make sure I get an invite. You will make a lovely bride one day.

  2. I love women — all women. I love the way they think, the way they approach problems, and the way they love and nurture. Your poem about women is beautiful and hits my heart!

      1. Sure is!
        Everything about her is beautiful…. from her smiles to her upset frowns. Skin colors hair texture curves or slim. The rock on her shoulders and the beauty with in… sure is!

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