The Almighty’s Curse

Another day sinks in as it gets dark and cold
An insufferable grief I continue to withhold
trembling in the bloodthirsty rain
with hardly anyone to notice my wounded vein
They usually go in big cars, splashing mud all over me
and oftentimes injuring my knee

I look up to the sky and cry at the Almighty’s curse
doomed to live in a wicked land and to bear the atrocity of the universe
Famished I dig for food in the trash
but they throw stones with no mercy at my feeble body in a flash
So much hatred, so much insensitivity
when all I seek in them is divinity

I am ridden with fleas, living as a stray
I wonder where I did wrong when I see my friends play
Born in a graveyard with a gloomy fate
I drown in boundless rejection everyday, isolate
Do they realise that I can feel?
all the pain and solitude of this ordeal

A stranger passes by
Would this one care to listen to my plea, or like others, would he leave me to die?
Oh Supreme Being
How do I tell you that noone is more grateful for kindness than my loving soul?
How do I tell you that I am lonely in this deserted hole?
Oh Beloved Human
How do I tell you that I am weak and ailing?
Don’t you see it in my eyes, that I am not lying?

I promise to love you during the harshest autumn of your life
to protect you foremost in a strife
I promise I’ll try to be good
I won’t chew your shoe and I will do as I should
I promise to rest at your feet when you find it hard to sleep
and to stand by you when you weep

My sadness has taken its toll
Is this lifelong banishment my bleak dole?
Dear Stranger, please stay awhile
don’t turn away, give me a warm smile
I am scared of society’s norm
Please, would you take me home?

*Photo borrowed from Google

Dear lovely readers, on a side note, let me add a few words to this poem which I dedicate to my seven months old baby, Oscar. He’s an absolute joy and a blessing to my life, that spoilt little brat and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world. Sometimes, in the middle of our cuddles I just lay back and wonder how lucky my boy is to have a caring home. And it eventually breaks my heart when I think of the thousands of dogs out there, just roaming around here and there, in a perennial search of love, of food and a roof. Don’t they equally deserve our affection? Don’t they deserve our warmth? 

In all honesty, I support the adoption of stray dogs. So many people buy expensive breed ones perceiving them to be better protectors or companions. But don’t stray dogs have a heart as faithful as the former? 

Let us please adopt rescue dogs to give them a new beginning. Those poor, but quite ironically rich souls need us. Remember! Dogs are simply angels in disguise, for when spelt backwards, Dog is God!

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

97 thoughts on “The Almighty’s Curse”

    1. Your writing brought a tear to my eye. This should say it all.

      Thanks for sharing! x🐢

  1. Awww, your poem is written so well. I adopted my rescue dog a year ago, and he is the cutest happiest little guy. I really like your blog so far. x

    1. You just earned my respect! :)) May I know the lucky cutie’s name?

      And thank you so much for your positive feedback. It’s encouraging!🌼

        1. I’m sure Dapper lives up to his name-must be one smart and well-groomed doggie! Bless him! x

  2. I loved your poem! It not only reminded me of when I adopted my 14 year old dog Abby, but I took in my little stray cat Jack. I found little Jack outside my home about 3 or 4 years ago. Poor thing was covered in fleas. A few months after that I adopted Abby who was 9 years old at the time. You just inspired me to write a blog post about this. They’re both a handful, but nothing anyone could say could make me get rid of my furbabies!

    1. Hi Alicia, it is souls like you who convince me that this world is still a good place to live in. Abby and Jack must have certainly been born under a lucky star to be with you.

      And the admiration is mutual. I’m delighted I could inspire you, in some way or another. Now, I cannot wait to read your post on your munchkins. Do a Nike and just do it!

    1. Plus they are very friendly and not ‘high-maintenance’! :))

      Thank you for reading my short poem!

    1. I want you to know I admire you considerably for what you did. Few are those who opt to rescue dogs for fear that they may be difficult to train or whatever. Little do they know that just a few weeks of love can transform these animals completely. And ultimately, I’m sure you would agree too, it is not us who rescue the dog. It is the other way round.

      Thank you for liking the poem. Much love and blessings to you :))

      1. I used to work with a cat rescue group….had thirteen fosters at one time….gets a bit crazy, now we moved from NY to Florida, two dogs and just one cat, the other two died last year, old age for one and diabetes for the other. Adjusting well and wouldn’t have it any other way. A lot of my friends are involved in rescue groups. My oldest dog came from the urgent death row dog site from NYC and they transported her halfway across the state to me…..she’s the one who tries to rescue me while I swim….I love them all dearly😊 thank you again, I do appreciate it😊
        Peace love and puppy hugs, Kim

        1. and your friends must certainly be in God’s good books, Kim. You guys are so full of love and compassion, which is rare to find in a person nowadays. I sincerely hope the bond with your pets grows stronger with each passing day.

          Hugs to you too. Stay blessed, awesome and keep shining. This world needs your light, you precious lil gem!

  3. I am not always a fan of rhyming poetry ( cut my teeth on it) or for the sake of it, and finding a lot of forced rhyme isn’t the greatest. Here it was refreshing and your rhyme flowed quite naturally and fit the task. Also, this was a worthy cause and I admire your ethos. We should do more for our silent friends and not treat them the way we do because they have no voice. It has become such a sad world in some regards and they suffer for it.

    1. We have to be the voice for the voiceless. It is a crying shame that so many stray dogs are treated as worthless animals. If only people realised that a dog is the only thing on earth that could love you more than you love yourself and opted for the adoption of rescues.

      Thanks for loving my work. It means a lot to me.

  4. Curiously enough we have a rescue dog called Oscar, part Cairn, part Pug and part Border Terrier. We found him through a charity, and we think he was about four years old when we got him, so we can only guess he is about seven now
    He was taken away from his first owner by the social worker, so he must have had a pretty rough time, although we were not given details. He had to get used to eating from a bowl and also sleeping in a basket, so we think he had to forage for himself most of the time
    But he settled with us very quickly, and has a very nice life, except that he is always hungry. He has had two operations on his back legs so we have to be careful with what we let him do. Otherwise he suits us, and we love him, scruffy devil that he is

    1. Aww, I’m pleased to know that our babies share the same name-Oscar, which means a divine spear in Norse. You must surely be a kind-hearted person to understand his tough past and to stand by him during his difficult moments.

      Sending Oscar warm cuddles and love! God bless you both! X

  5. Now I feel you should come to my blog after reading this post, I have many stuff like this for you.
    By the way I have four street dogs that are my kith and kin.
    Fondest Regards,

  6. Your words are the reality of the area I live in, we try our best to rescue all dogs but humans are evil and brutal. I am physically pained each time we are unable to rescue a dog before it is hurt beyond mending. Please say a little prayer every night for all the dogs with no home. People should boycott breeders and open their hearts and homes to these abandoned and lonely dogs. They love you unconditionally and never remember the past hurt they had to endure and trust you with their life. Sorry but I could not finish reading the poem, it’s too poignant. Beautiful work though.

  7. This post is an eye opener! πŸ™‚ I have been thinking on the same lines too.Its so sad,the plight of the stray dogs.My uncle recently adopted a stray puppy.I m also planning to do the same .

  8. This touched me to tears. Until you get to near the end of your verses, and were it not for the photo attached, one could only nod at the state of oir ponderous human affairs. How often splashed with mud and water walking to our destiny, as the drivers hurry by through the storm with no care for those left at life’s periphery. Love your animals; they feel everything we do, and maybe even more.

  9. If I were to ever get a pet again, it would be a rescue. I have always had mixed breeds, they are the best.

      1. Thanks, I just wonder why more people don’t feel the same way. What gets me is the advertisements the ASPCA has on television. I can not watch those. I have to look away. It is terrible what people do to animals.

  10. This is heartbreaking, but your sensitivity and compassion are blessings…I, too, love dogs (and, I’m blessed to have two)….I pray your beautiful offering stirs others to rescue/adopt a dog….thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  11. I am absolutely against the trade of animals of any kind.
    And it is well to remember that unfortunately many of these puppies that were bought at a high price and treated as a stuffed animal, which are not, will often be abandoned during a trip of the whole family and no one is assigned to take care of pet ; when there is a change of residence and there is no adequate space for them; or worse, will be abandoned when they grow old and lose their sight; and have no more strength to “amuse” their owners after years of serving as an “expensive toy,” and that is when they most need the legitimate and honest care of humans.
    Then he will learn the most painful truth: that humans are like this.

      1. China sacrifices baby girls, and in addition to other abominations, they also torture and eat sharks’ dogs and fins because they believe they are aphrodisiacs as if they need aphrodisiacs;
        Africa mutilates girls’ clitoris;
        India venerates dead and cows, and they drink cow urine;
        Brazil and other countries of Asia prostitute the poor girls, who are the majority; they love ass, and the main religion is football, and if they kill for it;
        etc., etc., etc.

        And I see here in Brazil, and also in other places of the world, their beliefs, with their thousands of gods, ways of life and habits; then I thank the LORD Jesus for having faith in Him and living in a Christian country; though mostly Catholic, Evangelical-Mason, and Afro and Indian cults.

        There are nations that, although very old on Earth, have not yet found the light. And even among those who are called Protestants, their beliefs enslave them and make them irrational even if they have science and technology.

        The Judeo-Christian faith has civilized the world, and civilization already offers many solutions for human life; but yet people, peoples, and nations have not absorbed it, or refuse because of their traditions; as if they did not live on the same planet, and remain in barbarism and darkness.

  12. Many issues are demanding of my time, but I finally decided to peruse your page categories. Noted the date of this post.
    Ok; I get it. I Appreciate our furry friends. However, our fascination with “mans best friend” is tempered by the fact that the many references to dogs in His word are in the derogatory; how not to be, how not to act. (Perhaps it’s because they’re too much like us!)
    Take care, and study His word. “X”

  13. You are a special soul to empathize with the plight of another species ❀ My rescue dog, who has since passed on was indeed one of the great loves of my life. All the best to you πŸ™‚

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