“Choose your inner circle of friends wisely because stupidity is known to have an intractable contagion effect.”

-The Little Mermaid, MMXVI

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

157 thoughts on “Friendship”

  1. Nice line to wake up to πŸ™‚ Thank you for these words of wisdom. Good Day πŸ™‚

  2. Yes Mermaid,
    The older you get, (I’m 57), the more you realise that it is the, often few but, closest friends that you can really count on, in the long run.
    Lennart Wennberg

  3. Very true… I failed miserably here, … Was made to understand that it’s all about being strategist, and leave anyone if the other one is in trouble, … I really doubt my worth in this process… But such posts may change things… & I wish it does..
    Thanks for sharing..
    Just tc. πŸ™‚

  4. Character, Maturity, Friendship and Love Is always to be judged In worst conditions,

    Otherwise everyone Seems good at the Coffee table….!!!

  5. Just wanted to say hello and to thank you for kindly liking a couple of recent comments I published. Your site is fascinating and I shall be returning to read more.
    We visited Mauritius and fell in love with its people and its absolute paradise beauty.

    1. Hi Bob, it’s my pleasure to meet you. Oh yes, Mauritius is indeed famed for its sun, sea, sand and hospitality. You made me a proud Mauritian with your comment. Thank you! Keep in touch! X

      1. My daughter married a guy who comes from Mauritius. We spent some lovely times over there. Thanks for stopping by and I am really pleased to know I have such a friendly follower of my blog.
        Warm wishes

  6. Hello I recently subscribed to your blog because I saw that you like almost every comment that I posted to BBB. I’m grateful your generosity and appreciating how I tried to edify others above myself. I’ve also checked out some of your writing. Had to figure out who this mysterious woman was meaning you of course. I gather you’re a fantastic writer. And I wish you well in all things. if you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me and subscribe to my blog while you’re at it you might find it enlightening educating and entertaining I just used three E’s of Journalism. Have a great day! Take time to be kind and may your day and night be filled with joy

  7. Stick with the winners in life. You will know who they are. Better to have fewer, trustworthy and honest friends, than a slew of shallow individuals. Thank you for a pleasant visit.

  8. Do I really have to “choose” ? Isn’t a deliberate choice the beginning of a sidetrack ? Can’t I let myself go with the wind, here and there, with him and her, and then without or with another ? Many thanks to trigger my neurones, The Little Mermaid !

  9. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve realised that having a smaller group of friends is way more beneficial than having a larger group of friends.
    Also, I’d really appreciate if you could follow my blog. πŸ™‚

  10. Quite an insightful post on friendship. Excellently written, well done!

    On a side note: Thanks for all the likes on my comments, I appreciate it. I suppose my comments are a bit more substantial every now and then. πŸ˜‰

  11. Lovely message, reminds me of a poem I recently shared…

    “A Genuine Friend”

    There is a love which lives deep within
    A genuine one which will never go away
    No matter how one might try to release it
    In our hearts and minds we find it stays

    Whenever another touches our inner being
    While bringing their pleasant peace inside
    We find ourselves to become comfortable
    As we begin to embrace them in our lives

    They may become genuine friends who care
    They might become sisters and brothers too
    They brighten our lives each time they speak
    Changing grey skies to ones of crystal blue

    The hearts of these special ones we care for
    Are so genuine and selfless in every way
    They are in our lives for special reasons
    Even making sunny our cloudy and rainy days

    Whether you are a dear sister or brother
    Or the truest friend one in life may find
    You are a treasure to those who love you
    Because of the selfless heart they find.

    (To all those who become genuine friends to us!)

    Wendell A. Brown

    1. Hello, that was interesting. You’ve accurately identified the ‘losers’ in our society. I say enough of shouting behind closed doors. People need to practise what they preach and lead by example.

      Thanks for the share.

  12. For a long time I have said that the most important decision a person makes in life is the choices of friends to be around them.

  13. Oh, please allow me also a vacuous comment to a simplistic post simply to announce my blog πŸ˜‰

    1. That’s right John. While giving a silent critique of the people you keep around you may sound judgmental and downright ruthless, understanding their influence on your performance is absolutely important. For instance, if someone is bringing down your average, you have to reduce his or her involvement in your life. Not doing so may hinder your own energy, vision and ultimate success.

      Thank you for your input.

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