It’s your choice!

“In a world which is essentially dualistic in nature, delineated by the two oppugnant forces of good and evil, the little choices that we make everyday, though never easy, chart the kind of life we live in the end.”

-The Little Mermaid, MMXVI

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

75 thoughts on “It’s your choice!”

  1. I could not find a definition for the word “oppugnant” – but following the gist of the statement, I’d have to generally agree with the conclusion.

  2. Brilliant, true, thought provoking. It’s those little everyday choices that either make a man good and true, or a complete bastard, or just a boring grey nothing…
    (and I had to look up oppugnant ~ great word.)

      1. Yes little mermaid, its been a long while. I am still keeping a watch. I am doing lot of background study and observations. I have not been able to pen down my thoughts, but when that will happen, it will be in flow.

        Everything is good. Thanks for your wishes 🙂
        It matters.
        Cheers to your spirit.

  3. We all need to try to chart the best direction for ourselves, and we need to inspire others on that better path as well. Your light is truly inspiring and you are wonderful!! Sending more big hugs!!

    1. Most welcome Alex. You’ve got a riveting blog yourself, which bridges the gap between business and spirituality. I also believe that spirituality and the multiple facets of our life, including business as you say are not mutually exclusive. In fact, taking any decision bearing in mind its spiritual fraction is the best decision. Don’t you think so? And, I cannot wait to read more from you. See you around.

  4. My apologies Little Mermaid. I’ve been swimming in murky waters lately and so could not see my way back to your blog. However I do see some light ahead 🙂 Thank you for your persistence.

    As to your thought provoking quotation, what makes you think that good and evil, or as I would call it, civilization and barbarism, do not influence the little decisions we make in life as well as the big ones?

    1. Hi Malcolm, you’ve raised a very gripping question. Indeed, we are hugely susceptible to our immediate environment which subconsciously influences the decisions that we make. However every individual’s sensitivity to his or her surroundings differs, in which case, I think your stand cannot be generalized. It is my opinion. Please enlighten me if I’m wrong or feel free to add anything. Thank you for initiating this interesting discussion.

  5. I am happy to say I (c)(w)ould not even consider the evil path presented by that fork in the road. I wish others, especially “our” politicians, (c)(w)ould make the same statement. Thanks for reading and liking my blogs.

    1. I trust my good friend, CommonSenseTom to have enough ‘common sense’ to be able to distinguish between the right and the wrong. On that note, let me tell you that your blogs were a real pleasure to read.

      Sending you lots of love and blessings all your way X

    1. Agreed Vishal. Realising that we have within us the power to choose, to choose the good over the bad, to choose out of the lot of opportunities that are presented before us, is empowering.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  6. Beautiful thought and indeed what we do always comes back to us one day so it becomes very important for us to choose a right wise way.☺🙏

  7. I love this, Little Mermaid! There are times in my life when the realization that each moment, each thought, each action is a choice seems overly simple…because the choice is sometimes a difficult one! But at the end of the day, each IS, simply, our choice. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I blindly believe in whatever you have written because it is correct and very much makes sense

  9. The consequences of one’s decisions solely depends on one’s perspective of his own cravings in life. You long for something & achieve it in realisation of your actions.

  10. There are no doubt choices in life. Many of them. And each one takes us down a path, wanted or unwanted. Then again offering more choices. Each path teaching us, each one taking us either further then our true self, or closer to it.

    I don’t argue they are there, the choices of life, and they do reflect the life we have made.

    But I do argue that there are many events, happenings in many lives that are by no means a choice of theirs. For life happens to all of us, without our choosings. People do not choose to become addicted, they do not choose poverty, or death of loved ones, they do not choose accidents that are no fault of their own, they do not choose who their parents are, and many do not choose to be in the jobs they despise. They do not choose abuse or heartache, or the absence of love or loneliness.
    And here goes the story. Life happens. It happens to all of us. Free will is the choice of each life upon this grand earth. And it gets messy sometimes. For other people’s choices will inevitably become a part of our life, without our say in it, without our ability to stop it, and without our choice.
    From there it our choice to do something about it. :-).

    Now you have the choice to allow this comment or not. :-).
    As I had the choice to post it or not. :-).

    But my purpose was only inspired to speak, in ways that spoke to me, because of your choice to post about choices. And for this I am grateful for. For each time I can speak freely and without repercussion, that comes from my most inner being, I get closer to who I am and where I should be. This is the choice I hope each decision I make to bring me closer to my souls purpose.


    1. Wow Diana! It’s been over a year since you have written this beautiful comment and it is only now that it has caught my attention. I apologize.

      You’re totally right. I love your perspective of explaining how life happens as a by-product of the correlation of external events which are beyond our capacity to control. And when life happens, when things do not go as planned, when we fail, we still have the ability to choose. To choose to start over again. To choose to see the glass half filled instead of half empty. To choose God’s path instead of following the devil.

      Stay blessed you too. Please keep in touch.

      Hugs XO

      1. That’s ok. It offers a surprise, one not expected, when I get a comment to a comment, I completely forgot about. Always fun to have surprises!

  11. Knowing how foolish I can always be, as a man, I dislike making choices all by myself. Many times when the evil force comes with a compass direction, you’ll think it’s from the good force. I decidedly, therefore, depend solely on the word of God for direction, following Jesus, who said, emphatically, “I am the way, the truth and the life”. The word ‘way’, hodos, in the Greek, by implication, means ‘lifestyle’. My post, “The Destiny of Your Destination”, explains better. Your post, LITTLE MERMAID, is so thought provoking as always. Thanks for stopping by my post.

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