The Self-made Individual

“A self-made individual is meritoriously the king of the jungle; standing tall, triumphant and strong-the sexiest and most heroic of them all.”

-The Little Mermaid, MMXVII

(Photo Credit: Sculpture by Mr Paul Slipper named ‘Self-made Woman’)

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

113 thoughts on “The Self-made Individual”

  1. Absolutely and undoubtedly. The individual is highly motivated and confident. He/she knows themselves well enough and the process they have been through to reach there.❀

    1. I would agree. Someone who laboriously climbs the ladder of economic success by dint of sheer hard work and talent rather than because of inherited riches, family connections or other prerogatives develops the remarkable qualities of courage, resilience and equanimity. I look up to such people.

  2. Lil’ Mermaid – so sorry about all that silliness on your blog yesterday. I hope you were not offended by that mad conversation and can see your way to putting it down to a bad attack of silliness – once again, sincere apologies!

    1. Definitely Lorac! There’s no escaping the fact that man is by nature a social animal- born with the desire to feel loved, supported and empowered by his immediate community. But we also have an overriding need to have our own space to grow individually in order to mould our character, to discover our strengths and weaknesses, to feed our soul with what gives us joy and to shape our life the way we want to.

      We cannot depend on others to the point we lose our sense of being. That is not healthy in the long run.

      Take care you too, my buddy. Sending you lots of love X

  3. The flexibility of this entity had remained stretchy, daring all impossibilities.
    Ask this personage and you’ll find out that this is another David who dared the gargantuan, brutish height of Goliath.
    It’s quite amazing this unique attractiveness wielded even by an unattractively looking successful entity! Dear Little Mermaid, I do agree with the truism of your post.

    1. Dear Hoojewale, I know this is a very belated comment, but I wanted to make sure I write to you and express how much I especially enjoy interacting with you.

      I hope life is treating you well.

      Sending good vibes your way! X

      1. Dear Lady, The Little Mermaid, it’s okay. I understand. Thank you for your beautiful posts. They give me the lift.

        Life is worth living, thanks be to Jesus.

        Cool vibes from you so, so satisfying.

        1. Yeah it’s been a long while! I was fighting my quarter-life crisis. I will write more on this in the coming days. I just hope you’ve been doing good during my absence (and found your angel, by God’s grace).

          Take care. See you soon. Hugs XOXO

          1. Glad you are through with the fighting and have emerged victorious!
            Still in the search for “angel!”
            Been trying my best in your absence. Hope to read more from you and especially your fighting experience!

  4. Truth. For those who create themselves, are a unique product of their own creation. And those who are confident in their unique self are both the sexiest and strongest. Well said, @Lil’ Mermaid.

      1. Hello Urvashi and welcome back to BLOG Land! Thank you for your kind complement to me, giving another hope is a goal of mine and why I blog.
        I am doing well with life’s up and downs and having fun learning about life. I am glad you are fine, take care Urvashi.

  5. The Placer of placers operates the operators, which is how we get “self-made’, which is how we then learn who’s who and what’s what. It’s a good thing, good for us and good for all.

  6. Nice post.
    But I wouldn’t use the world “self made”, I do prefer God made.
    God made us in his own image and therefore we are invisible in regards to the level of our individual potentials.
    No discovery has ever been made to the height humans can attain in life, and this is because of the infinitiveness of God. Whatever level one may attain in life is only but a tip of the iceberg in regards to his potential.
    Therefore i will say that we are God like creatures who are striving daily towards the infinitive nature of our originator which is God, and whatever height we might attain in life, we are still faraway from living up our full potentials.
    We have got no power of our own, and every achievement in our lives draws existence from the infinitiveness of God from which we were created.

  7. I used to think I was self-made, and there was a time when I needed to think that. It fuelled my ambition and drive. Looking back now, I see that there were people and forces supporting me all the way, sometimes even pulling me along to places where I didn’t know I could go. Thank God for them.

    1. Well-said Cynthia. I tend to categorise such kind of people as ‘angels’. It’s often said that God helps those who help themselves; and upon seeing one’s hard work and determination to succeed, He surely sends the right people to pull one even further ahead in the right direction.

      Stay blessed and joyous! Hugs X

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