A Melancholy Evening

Ellie lay on her back awake

In her favourite rocking chair on the terrace

Closing her eyes nonchalantly to a scene opaque

At the time that love was a dangerous menace.

Those were the mirthful days spent in Paris

She reminisced about with a sigh of unalloyed bliss

When the sun shone a little brighter

The birds chirped sweet songs a little louder

The world seemed just a little better

For she’d fallen madly in love with him

And he’d fallen madly in love with her

From dawn to dusk, on a blithe whim

They laughed! They cried! They even were to conquer!

She was a beautiful, strong woman

Dare I say, she was not the common

Her spirits exceedingly fierce and free

He’d agree

Burning to ashes every immanent obstacle

The woman of his dreams was truly unstoppable

This is what he loved about Ellie

The ocean that she sometimes was. The fire that she interminably was.

He often brought her angel garden-fresh roses

As a token of his undying devotion

She always liked them red, full of fragrance

Adorned with her lover’s bruises

It was a shared love so faithfully immense

Timeless and beyond comparison.

Ellie and her darling had the best moments of their lives

Tucked in each other’s rapturous embrace

Unaware of society’s heartless knieves

Ever primed to cause their disgrace

To the world they were not made for each other

Albeit in God’s courtyard

They were young lovers bound together

In innocence, in good faith, without any guard.

To happen, it happened

Their separation unbearable

The ocean slowly dried up. The fire dozed off.

Lifeless, clueless

They both wandered in the wilderness.

A melancholy evening it was, though no different

When Ellie tried to bury all the old memories, all the scents

In the deepest recess of her heart as ornament

Knowing they wouldn’t be forgotten

Until a thousand new crescents.

Photography Credits: ‘The Happy Lovers’ by Jean-Honoré Fragonard 1760-65

Located At: Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena CA.

Copyrights © 2016 The Little Mermaid. All Rights Reserved

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

200 thoughts on “A Melancholy Evening”

    1. So you have begun to write some poems. What ever you write or pen people accept with open arms. So much love you have created for yourself that,readers would be awaiting eagerly that no sooner a topic from yourself suddenly drop, that they could go through as quickly as possible and admire that, as they appreciate your beauty.

  1. Wow. You are a genuine poet.
    Please excuse me, I “borrowed” a line or two from it. A new love i am pursuing required a bit more than I possess organically.
    I just stole from you, but, this could be considered high compliment.
    Little Mermaid!



    1. Hello Roland, thanks for the wonderful review. I’m happy that you find passion in writing creative poetry. On a side note, as you’re a beginner, I’d advise you to draw inspiration from others while trying to keep it original as much as you can.

      All the best to you. I’ll drop by your blog to read your marvels. See you! X

  2. Gorgeous and well-written, loved how it placed us, the reader, into the passion of the piece, but also with a sense of place. And I think this writer, .. must be uncommon, nice work!

      1. Well, the “proper” (out the wndow with that in poetry) is lie (now) lay (past) however there are coloquial phrases in constant use that void those. My take, beyond “rules” was the past tense of “to lie” and not to do with becoming comfortable. In fact add a comma or a menal pause before “awake” and the piece takes on a satirical note. Just a thought, no big thing. Funny how timing and word choice can completely change the tone of a work.

  3. There is so often, a struggle, perpetrated by clever walking demons. I would not be surprised if, in a sequel, Ellie found him again- and the struggle turned out differently. I say this, having experienced it in my own life.

    1. Aw! I love happy endings in real life. In poetry/books/movies, I am very often drawn to sorrowful plots with star-crossed lovers. Weird, I know! Haha!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m happy for you by the way. X

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for dropping by my site and commenting.

      As for the blog name, I get asked this interesting question a lot of times. I was actually inspired by the fact that I live in the magical island of Mauritius, which is surrounded by the turquoise sea. I also love swimming. I assume mythical mermaids would make Mauritius their permanent dwelling place, hence this name.

      Have a fantastic weekend.🤗

  4. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you don’t participate in awards please accept this nomination simply as a compliment of high esteem. I love your blog!

  5. Good Evening Dear Little Mermaid,

    I would to share this“ Token of Humanity Awards 2018”. What motivates us as people , please share the wisdom of high powered motivators. The deepest gratitude ,we hold to improve our society.

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    I look forward to hear from you all .

    Thank you very much
    Best regards

      1. Good afternoon dear , you are most welcome . Have a wonderful day dear , thank you so much sks

  6. Passion! Shall I let passion reign? Someone told me it will always leave you disappointed in the end. And I told her that I don’t look for bliss eternal. To experience a moment of bliss is what I can hope for as a human being. And having experienced it, I may know how to let it catch me when it comes my way again. And if it doesn’t come my way – I’ll still know and feel I’ve been there. That’s good, isn’t it?

    1. Hi Arletta, it’s good to hear from you again. I concur with what you said. I also believe that passion is the driving force of life, of aliveness of the soul. Without passion, everything else fails- from relationship and sex to career and hobby. A person who is driven by passion possesses an inherent fuel and inexhaustible stamina that constantly drive his actions forward even amidst the most insurmountable obstacles thrown in his way.

      Have a beautiful weekend break!

      Sending you love X

      1. Hi, Little Mermaid,
        For me, Passion is what makes every moment adventurous and fills me with enjoyment. And I’m glad and grateful to have this ability of enjoying the fact that I am, that I have a body, that I have a soul and a that there is world. In a way I’m stubborn. I always see ways to enjoyment in my life, whatever catastrophes happen. And I think it’s funny that although I’m so stubborn, I’ve never found the stamina that you mention to drive my actions forward towards a goal. This is where Ellington comes in. Ellington is a man with passions slightly different from mine. He has a way of letting his passion propel him through whatever obstacles there may be. And with him, I’m learning to find this stamina in myself too. So, at 51, I’m stubbornly treading my way towards a career where my passion (for art and life) can do some work too. Adding to this, I think I’ve seen Ellington finding new adventures and enjoyments as well.
        And, by the way, I’m glad you seem to have found a good place for enjoyment in life.

    1. Hi Robert, it’s lovely to hear from you after a long time. How have you been?

      It gives me great pleasure to accept this award from you. Thank you for the support.

      Take care of yourself. Sending love, light and blessings all your way X

      1. Mermaid09, it had been so long since we had an award, and I always meant to come and check in with you.
        My Little Brother suddenly developed health problems, and I went and loaded him up and took him to my house. It was as if we were reliving our childhood, or perhaps getting a second childhood, for we were always Best Friends.
        February 7, 2018, Frank Eagle took wing, and flew for the last time, when he flew across The River.
        When I received notice of this award, I knew it for what it was, and I knew immediately who I would nominate.
        I hoped you would return and accept this, and Bless your Heart of Gold, you did.
        Congratulations, I am Honored and Proud that this means so much, and it even makes this moment so much more special that I found this hours ago and knew that I would answer during my meditation time before the Sun Rise.
        I send all Good Things your way
        Always And All Ways

    1. So true! An inspirational quote by Dr Theodor Seuss Geisel sums it all- “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

      Have a nice weekend break. Hugs X

  7. You art is like a fine wine. Truly talented. I’ve got a new short id love you to read. Come on by and comment on Lizard Guts. It would make my day

  8. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie

    Je viens te faire le cadeau des plus précieux

    Celui du temps

    De rêver à de nouvelles idées

    De réfléchir aux anciennes

    Peu importe le temps que nous passons ensemble sur nos blogs

    Tu découvriras toujours de nouvelles dimensions

    Au travers du miroir et de ce lien celui de notre l’amitié

    L’amitié c’est aimer pour ce qu’elle est moi je le pense

    Non pour ce qu’elle fait

    En se sentant aimé

    On est capable de grandes choses, de s’accrocher , de réussir

    Belle journée ou soirée et belle semaine

    Bisous Bernard

  9. No regret for following “The Little Mermaid” because I am reading such a poem.

    -Lots love from follower; Bhutan 😊

  10. A very beautiful piece of writing. I like its starting and tragic end like it happen in a classic love story. Very beautiful!

  11. Thanks for finding considerwriting.com How that happens is a mystery to me. Your posts and photos are wonderful. The first line in your piece needs a tiny edit. The only time we can use lay to mean “to recline” is in the past tense.

    1. Hi dear, not just thanks, but thanks a million for drawing my attention to that and correcting me. It really shows how much you care as a reader. I’ve edited that piece.

      I hope to see you around often. Have a blessed Sunday!

      Hugs and kisses XO

  12. Hello little Mermaid

    How are you? I like all of your poetry… You have a lot of talent but I am looking only one made with your depth of your heart. Can you suggest me by commentary on my site one poetry that I can put to the TOP 20 in my site if you want naturally? It is not obliged… I send you a lot of kisses..Joshadel

    1. Hi Joshadel, I’m all right. How about you?

      To be honest, all the poems hold great significance to me. They are special in their own way. It is very difficult, if not, impossible, for me to pick up one. So, I leave this good deed to you.

      Thank you for stopping by for a read; and I hope to see you often.

      Hugs and kisses X

      1. Of course, it really caught me and took me on a journey, just had to share it really! Of course, would really like that.

        Thank you so much. You too! x

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