Beware! Facebook Is Satan’s Tool! 

In this current age of an inordinately dangerous swell of anti-intellectualism and information warfare, Facebook is, in great measure, accountable for the demise of culture, stability and privacy in our lives. I’m not the least bit sorry to aver, esteemed tech mogul-Mr Mark Zukerberg, aka The Android, that your creation has brought about a widespread degradation of human values, of talents and of our ability to perceive logically. But why would you even give a monkey’s at all when you have built yourself and your future generations an empire of cosmic proportions? Admist the ongoing Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, there could not be a more providential time for me to express the reasons for my surging hate when using this overrated social media platform.

1. For a start, those who use a fake name and a fake profile picture make my blood boil.

I understand that the Dad’s Princess, the Mumma’s Angel and the Queen Bella should either be suffering from a special kind of identity crisis or they must be living in the land of Narnia; but I wonder why they feel compelled to let the whole world know about that. Gauche, mousy idiots! And I swear that over my regrettably dragged-out eight years’ subscription to the site, I have also come across one profile of a teen girl named ‘Zoe’s Property’, nicknamed ‘Happily Taken’. Believe me! In these scenarios, even Amnesty International and the UN can do sweet fuck all for the rights of those desperate little hogs. Wait a minute-it doesn’t end here. People who have a face that only a mother could love are often seen uploading Brad Pitt’s or Selena Gomez’s photos as their profile pictures. Seriously, these are the most insecure retards ever who have no existence in my world. Argh! It never rains but it pours.

2. Those who post every single detail of their wretched lives have to be skinned alive.

Facebook should, in my humble opinion, be used to share significant milestones about your life or moments that touched you in a way or another with your close friends and relatives. A humdrum status as “Heading to the grocery store, gotta start laundry, change the diapers then prepare dinner” or something as “Feeling blessed to check in to the hospital to visit Uncle Jack during his last days” irk the shit out of me. And then, there are couples who write all over each other’s walls to express their mutual love and affection- EW STAAAPH IT! You are making the rest of us sick with your lovey dovey posts. The same goes for parents who are every other day posting about how proud and fortunate they feel to have a uniquely talented little Picasso of a son who very ingeniously, I must say, can make this:

To those facebookers who cannot resist the demonic temptation to post dry statuses: Lets’s play hide-and-seek. I’ll hide your lame status updates while you seek a life! Done?

3. Vaguebooking is a sin.

Vaguebooking is when you really want to divulge something but you hesitate to jump off that scary cliff, so you post it on facebook anyways because you PURPOSEFULLY write it in such a way that it would take an army of code-breakers, a psychic and the entire FBI to figure out what the hell you just said. Mary is “wondering if it’s all worth it in the end.” Charles writes: “Please forgive me. It hurts so bad.” Brainless attention-seeking bastards! What’s the meaning of this? I’m almost certain that even Dan Brown would not be able to decode those kind of cryptic messages in at least three sequels of his thrillers.

4. Extremists’ rants? Now, that’s going too far!

There are people who use Facebook to pass on unhealthy extremist ideas in a very bad taste- spanning from political, religious, feminist to vegan to their fellow friends. Please keep your personal attacks against Hillary to yourself. It’s alright if you are imbecile enough to believe your God is better than mine, but for Pete’s sake, do not sing the glory of His name on Facebook all day long.

5. The I-believe-everything-I-read posts? Ça fait chier!

Facebook is inundated with those bullshitier than bullshit ever-elusive chain letters along the lines of “Share this or you will die”, “Type AMEN and you will be kissed by the love of your life before midnight”, “Comment YES if you want to receive a pot of gold within the next three days” or “Like the post and you will save this child from cancer”. Seriously though, how devoid of common sense and intelligence do people have to be, to be sharing this crap?

Likewise, ‘nincompoop’ is too mild a word to describe people who share bogus breaking news from fake sites on the internet such as, umm ‘’ and then go about screaming bloody murder because they have genuinely believed whatever they have read to be true.

6. Those excessive in-your-face selfies are the gravest of all Facebook faux pas.

Before Facebook, I did not know there were so many places where people can take photos. Now my wall is full of people posting selfies taken from everywhere one can possibly imagine: selfie of them waking up, selfie of them brushing their teeth, selfie of them pouting in their Victoria’s Secret lingerie, selfie of them on the loo having a bout of severe morning diarrhoea, selfie of them having a bath, selfie of them having breakfast, selfie of them getting ready for work, selfie of them in their car, selfie of them driving at 120 km/h, selfie of them in the office parking, selfie of them with their colleagues during a formal meeting, selfie of them with their boss even as he threatens to fire them if they don’t stop taking selfies, selfie of them at their table, selfie of them underwater, selfie of them in an operation theatre having a C-section, selfie of them working out, selfie of them before and after sex just so we can catch that post-orgasmic glow on their face and so on. The list is basically limitless.

7. Receiving odd friend requests is sort of bizarre and irritating AF.

Okay listen! Are you the type of person to strike a conversation with random people you meet on the streets to ask them about how their day went, what they had for dinner the previous night or what are they most looking forward to for the rest of the day? Or are you someone who bangs on the door of just anybody to query if they are doing fine? No? Then why the hell do you send friend requests to strangers on Facebook and ask them such infuriating questions?

Facebook is not a stupid popularity competition. You rather come across as a maniac creep. That’s it! It also ticks me off when I receive friend requests from:
– People I hate (I don’t care if you are a neighbour or a blood relative whatever).
– Hideous guys who want to woo me. (I know I have an itsy-bitsy of je ne sais quoi that is particularly charming but isn’t it weird for someone I don’t even know to have a crush on me and send me a request?)
– Colleagues who do not understand the fine line between a co-worker and a friend.

8. Facebook predominantly underpins the notion that dumbness is in vogue.

A sense of collective madness seems to have taken over Facebookers. So, a man posts about the need to save the Northern White Rhinos from extinction through IVF and stem cells gets at most two likes and one comment from his roommate saying, “Pal, you really need to get laid”. On the other hand, a woman posts “I bought an orange today” gets 124 likes with 72 comments within a span of a few minutes.

Thus, you’d be dreadfully mistaken if you thought that the number of likes and comments on Facebook is directly proportional to the level of intellect of an individual. In the majority of cases, the two are inversely correlated.

9. Oh, good grief! Enough with the silly game invites!

Folks, let me be clear. I haven’t the slightest desire to waste my time on Facebook playing games. If you do spend your time on it, fine. That’s your business. But please do not send me nasty game invitations to participate in Farmville, Zooville or Candy Crush Saga. If you are really desperate, I will happily suggest a place for you where you can stuff your stupid game. And it is not far from your mouth as only an idiot talking/thinking through that particular orifice can have the nerve to think that anyone else on this planet is sufficiently brain dead to play these puerile games. Okay?

To cut off short, Facebook is Satan’s tool which exploits the vulnerability in human psychology by ensnaring people in the dopamine loop. Instant likes and comments trigger the feel-good factor in the brain, thereby rendering its digital consumption addictive. Yet, the good news is that you hold the reins and you have the power to decide what you share, with whom you share and how much of your time you share on the social media platform. Therefore, use it in a productive way. Do not abuse; for if you do, your next selfie shall be in a mental asylum! You’ve been warned!

Double, double toil and trouble;
Diaries burn and posts bubble.
Selfie of a fenny snake,
On Facebook boil and bake;
Eye of cyclone and toe of baby,
Wool of grandma and tongue of lady,
Jacob’s tag and Mia’s poke,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s stroke,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Diaries burn and posts bubble.
Cool it with a friend’s comment,
Then the charm is firm and well-meant.

(Adapted from: William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 4, Scene 1)

Copyrights © 2016 The Little Mermaid. All Rights Reserved

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

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  1. Woah!! That was a roller-coaster ride…🖖👍… You have a strong voice, and mean to carry it loud and far…enjoyed every single word there. Needless to say I agree with you. But FB isn’t even worth talking about. Someone is making billions by making others stupid and kill their time and guess what.. the world hasn’t gotten a clue…all the people who understand this simple fact will always deserve my…well… time… that’s the most precious thing I have to offer. I hope that counts…😀😁🖖🤘

    1. Hello Sundaram, thank you very much for reading and giving your valuable opinion on this subject.

      As you’ve said, Facebook is incontrovertibly a behemothic waste of time. What’s even sadder is that the thought process behind building this social media leviathan was: “How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?” Facebook Inc. is there PRIMARILY to maximise its profits and market capitalisation, just like any other public company. We shouldn’t forget that! I believe it’s high time that people realise the truth and find a way to release themselves from this addiction.

      Best wishes to you X

      1. True… I have been outrageously unequivocal about my opinions in this regard. Great to see someone else feels the same. I think FB should be used like a tool for promoting, spreading awareness etc. But chronicling your life there… and thinking it’s cool… is such a stupid thing.

      2. This is a reply to The Little Mermaid.
        I didn’t want to scroll down through all your responses and my laptop did not show a space where I could respond, so I am jumping in between one of your responses and leaving a comment to you directly, rather than to the person you responded to above. I hope this works.

        Dear Mermaid,
        I don’t necessarily agree with your post, although it was well written, and as a retired writing teacher I was quite pleased with your ability and your talent. That being said, I think Facebook has value. It has changed the world for people my age. We are able to connect with old high school and college friends, share photos of our children and grandchildren, catch up on the careers we selected over the years, and share our lives with friends and family around the world, as well as becoming politically active again. It has significantly enhanced our lives.

        I am from the generation who marched for peace and equality in the late 1960’s and we now find ourselves marching once again so that our grandchildren can continue to have the rights we fought so diligently for when we were young and energetic and part of that magnificent hippie generation. We sat holding hands in a sea of colors to create change. We wrote poetry and music and wanted the world to hear our cries for peace. I was in the first all girl’s band in South Florida in 1966, and we tried to make a difference with our music. We made local history because we were girls playing guitars and no one had ever seen that before in South Florida. And then life happened….we grew up, had families, became part of the work force and lost touch with one another.

        Facebook enabled us to interact again and find one another. Women and men around the country finally able to join hands once more, but this time through social media. What a gift!!!! Now we can join political groups on FB to find marches, protests and fight for causes again to help save our environment, give women equal pay and health care , all because of the forum on Facebook. We can connect and form meet up groups to stay actively involved and relevant. YES RELEVANT. Women in America become invisible after 50 but not anymore. We can connect and find one another again and we are powerful in numbers. Facebook gave us that power. We connected again. It is like being back in college but on a larger scale.

        Facebook allowed us to post events and reach out to people so that my class of 1967 could have our 50th high school reunion. We received input from former classmates and set up everything via FB.
        * It also has allowed us to set up groups to help those of us who are in ailing health or widowed and to help find those friends we would never have been able to get in touch with without social media, and make sure they are ok or can get the medical care they need. ALL this from Facebook!
        So you see, There are many positives for those of us who use social media as a way to help make this world better!!!

        In the 1960’s my generation wanted to change the world. Now that I am in my 60’s, I am thrilled that I can embrace technology and stay in contact with so many amazing people with similar points of view, who still want to make this a better world in which to live. We are still fighting for change. And this venue gives us a voice. I write a poetry curriculum for an after school poetry network and posting on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and instagram gets the word out.

        No, I don’t post photos of my food. I don’t make a fish face and take silly selfies like the Kardashians. BUT, I do love to share photos of my precious grandchildren. I am so blessed to have them in my life and so my friends and I delight in seeing one another’s children and grandchildren. We are proud of our accomplishments and motherhood is something we hold in high regard.

        We are those amazing women who are still strong, vibrant, and vital. We use twitter, Facebook and instagram. We protest, we march, and we blog. And we love it all.

        I grew up when if you wanted to write to someone you posted a letter. So you damn well better believe that I love getting up every day, after 36 years of teaching, and in retirement, I can drink my morning cup of coffee and turn on my iPad or laptop and write something profound on Facebook. To me, there is nothing better!!

        By the way, I very much appreciated your adaptation from Macbeth. That was wonderful. I taught Shakespeare for decades. I loved that scene and my first year in college I played one of the witches on stage. Although I did prefer the parts of Lady Macbeth and Juliet to anything I ever performed during my years as an actress. Nobody does it better than the Bard.

        Thanks for sharing your post. While we can agree to disagree about FB, but it was a delight to read your work.

        1. YAY! I, too, am a child of the 60’s and find “some” value in Face Book. As with most things, moderation is the key! From the pinnacle of my old age, which I don’t believe is old yet, I believe moderation in anything is the hardest thing our society has to learn! Personally, I use Face Book to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away. Yes, there are other forms of techno-gadgets, but Face Book is easy! Unfortunately, I am also guilty of wasting my time by scrolling through to laugh, or cry, at what our nation has become. The one thing that really concerns me, is the spread of hatred on FB. I am shocked ant the amount and the level. As my late Grandma used to say, “Satan is alive and well!”

    1. Hello Eddie, how are you doing? I’m glad to know that you do not waste your time on Facebook. It’s not that bad if used sparingly and to make genuine connections though. It’s the drug of choice of the masses; upto them to choose their dosage.

      Thanks for dropping by. Take care.

  2. Most of the things listed here are the characteristics of the users of the tool rather than of the tool itself. I don’t use Facebook myself, though so perhaps I have no say in the matter.

        1. Hi Robert, I dig what you are saying. Yet, it should not escape our attention that according to Sean Parker, the billionaire early Facebook investor and Napster founder, Facebook was, in particular, engineered for peak compulsivity. Mark Zukerberg knowingly created a monster in the form of a highly addictive social media platform for his own private benefit. In my eyes, Facebook is clearly a demerit good, just like all other addictive drugs such as heroine and cocaine whose consumption imposes considerable negative externalities on society as a whole.Therefore, it rests upon the government to come up with remedies for the resulting market failure through the enforcement of more stringent rules and regulations governing technology or even by raising awareness campaigns for youths in a bid to limit its usage.

          Our dear friend, Hilary says, “It’s not Facebook that’s the problem. It’s the people who are the problem. Facebook is simply a tool for people to use.”

          And now, what if I say, “It’s not cigarette that’s the problem. It’s the people who are the problem. Cigarette is simply a product for people to consume.” How does this sound? Selfish much, right?

          In defining a demerit good, we assume people are irrational and make poor choices-often consuming goods which are harmful, degrading or damaging in the long-term. This may be due to poor information or poor decision-making. In other words, people may underestimate the private costs and overestimate the private benefits. In the early Twentieth Century, the US introduced prohibition-banning the sale of alcohol. The logic for banning alcohol was that it was a demerit good. The economist, Irvin Fisher, supported prohibition because consumers often made a mistake in fulfilling desires rather than maximizing satisfaction. By the same token, why should we, in the modern world discount the social costs of Facebook to society? Is it because it is an intangible demerit good? Or is it being done purposefully for political reasons? We never know. The losers are noone but me, you and our children. It is long overdue that the major stakeholders of welfare economics addresses the urgency for the need to limit the use of Facebook. Facebook is the problem, definitely not people.

          1. Nice people are nice, kind, and positive on FB or any site. I think you give social media too much power. To assume FB is evil or bad is ridiculous. If people are civilized anything in moderation is fine. When I was a little girl and Elvis Presley became popular grown ups said rock and roll was the devil’s music. (In the 1950’s) Obviously, it wasn’t the music it was fear that was the problem. You don’t give people enough credit. Now we think what a silly idea it was to blame rock music or long hair for bringing down society. Today it’s social media. I think if you teach people to behave properly and not bully others than social media is fine. Like I said. People my age don’t go around calling others names and taking photos of their food. However, we do take pics of our grandkids and pets. 😻

            1. Social media doesn’t “make” us do anything but it lets some of us behave in cruel and provocative ways that they would never do in person. It is the anonymity of it. The kid in the basement gets to be the bully instead of the bully.

              Also makes it easier for people to live in echo chambers. We have always tried to do this. “Birds of a feather flock together.” It is just we have the perfect tool.

              We gave up on teaching manners, politeness and compassion a long time ago. It isn’t social media’s fault, it is our own.

              If FB is “psychologically addicting” (hate that phrase) it is only because one lacks a real life that is interesting.

              1. Fred, I agree that some folks may be addicted to FB because their “real” life is dull. But most of us use FB to connect and enlighten others. It’s great for my generation.
                As a recently retired elementary school teacher, I taught manners and compassion for 36 years. It never went out of style. (I taught school for 36 years) and now I’m teaching manners to my grandchildren. Those values aren’t dead, I assure you. I volunteer and work with high school aged spoken word poets and they are amazing kids. I think this current administration has brought about a lack of decency in how we treat one another and fans of his tend to be outspoken, bordering on rude in general, especially on line.

                But, like I wrote earlier, my friends post positive messages, mostly about local political groups to join, about music, healthy food, our favorite books, we post pics of our children or grandchildren, and we also link folks together who may need help because they are aging or living alone. It’s a way to bring people together.

                Its great fun to reconnect with old college and high school friends. And I even can stay in touch with relatives who have moved all over the country. Now that I’m retired, I write a blog, volunteer and I’m finishing my novel, so I have time to go on FB, tweet, write and enjoy life. It’s awesome. If anyone on line is rude I unfriended block them. Who needs that negativity? But social media is a tool to use. People can misuse anything.

                1. Heavens, I don’t mean to imply FB doesn’t have a lot of good qualities.

                  There are just a lot of people out there who live thru social media instead of real life. Just as there are people who watch anime 8 hours a day. There are people who watch porn 8 hours a day. There are people who game every free minute they have and some they don’t. Technology has made it easier to escape from a painful or boring real life and live a fantasy.

  3. First of all, I am not a hideous man out to woo you! I have a “girlfriend” old enough to be your grandmother. You pretty much hit everything bad about Facebook. I have never been on it. It was too superficial for me. I laughed at the uproar on the news about it, until I heard Facebook was also collecting personal data from people NOT on it from other sources. Then I stopped laughing. I may be old and old fashioned but I send my most personal messages on a piece of stationary (know what that is?) through the mail! Great thorough post by the way. You put a lot of thought into it I can see.

    1. Hello Greg, I appreciate your taking the time to read this article I wrote about Facebook even though you are sensible enough not to be wheedled into its artificial charms. I have nothing personal against Facebook. It’s just that I find it ridiculous how its illimitable consumption, medically/scientifically proven to be dangerous, is seemingly not a matter of concern of anybody.

  4. Really! I have seen one video, in that video the Congress of America asks him some questions and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t give any answer on how Facebook works.

    Difficult situation!

    1. It’s true that Mark Zukerberg spent more than 10 hours testifying before Congress a few weeks back and still did not answer the most important question about Facebook: How much data does Facebook collect on users and non-users?

      It was a question asked in various forms by lawmakers in both the Senate and the House, but in most cases Zukerberg guilefully evaded it by proposing that his team would follow up later. The closest the Facebook CEO came to tackling the issue was when he acknowledged that Facebook collects data from users even when they are not on Facebook and not even logged in to the platform.

      Unfortunately Mayur, there is a lot more to it than meets the eyes.

  5. Hmm, I might not really get it.
    But you could basically switch off all of that by ticking or unticking some boxes in your settings.

    1. With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. To garner subscription of a massive scale as such, it must surely have something good to offer. This article was just my judgement call.

      1. That number of users has been reported to be grossly over estimated because of all the fake accounts there are.

  6. You have some very strong views here – I’m totally with you on this. The whole thing is a toxic tank of human waste and it’s about time it cleaned up it’s act or went!
    How are you btw? Keeping well? 🙂

    1. Hi Simon, I’m glad we are on the same side. I’m doing good, except that today’s rainy weather makes it perfect to stay in bed all day with a hot chocolate and a good book. Too bad, I’m creeping like a snail at work!

      How about you? X

      1. I think the possibility of staying in bed with chocolate and a book is always out of reach. Like you I’m at work… always busy and all that.
        Are you up to much else outside work these days? x

        1. Oh yes, I’ve been volunteering as a private tutor for A-level economics students and I’m planning to start an online platform very soon where I can extend my help to more students taking their exams. Othewise, life’s been pretty fair. How about you? X

  7. The constant new profile pictures with a new narcissistic selfie each day is the one that bugs me. After fifteen photographs, they AREN’T going to get any better. Just pick one because that is what you look like…

      1. Very true! Well, I think selfies can be fun if a person doesn’t overdo them and post on social media every other day. It is a beautiful thing, in a way empowering, to be able to take your own photo that you enjoy and feel best in. I’d like to assume that today we have become more outspoken in our lives and society, and are perhaps more self aware. With that self- awareness comes self-love, and that’s what selfies represent. Those unpleasant duckfaces, irresponsible ‘killfies’, ect are just too much of a good thing, you know.

          1. A ‘killfie’ is a selfie taken at a dangerous location which may possibly cause the death of the photographer, such as at the edge of a cliff or a skyscraper. It is a word only used in informal language because it’s not recognised by the Oxford Dictionary.

  8. Spot on! I could not have said it better myself. While I have a facebook page and author’s fan page, I have been giving serious consideration to closing them down. I am not sure the little bit of promotion I receive is worth the drama and invasion of privacy I am subjected to.

  9. Yes, yes & yes! You had me at the “Feeling blessed….” part. Every f*cker seems to be “feeling blessed” these days. I’m sick of it. 🙂

    I was going to write something about the whole Facebook hoo-ha, but then I realised that I don’t care.

    But this is a great post! Permission to reblog?

  10. I dumped FB several years ago, for many of the reasons contained in this post. What I’m most glad to be free of, are those friends and relatives who sit around and post dozens of stupid things per day. Kind of awkward to unfriend them without getting rid of FB altogether, so I just chose the nuclear option.

  11. Facebook has its uses but you correctly point out its many drawbacks. One needs to be careful and screen what is worth viewing and trash the rest.

    1. Very true! The devil very easily tempts us into the destructive abyss of Facebook addiction; and it is upto is to choose how we handle our personal information for security purposes.

  12. I agree! I get especially irritated with the chain letter requests and game requests. I politely tell people I don’t do either but they keep coming.

    1. Oh! I feel you. Chain letters are not only incredibly annoying but some can even prove to be dangerous-hacking your online accounts, infecting your device with viruses, ect.

      You really have to be cautious. X

  13. Shakespeare would have written the same in his modern play MacFacebook. In iambic pentameter, no less. I would agree with you and The Bard and I keep threatening to leave Facebook behind if not for the few cousins and family members in other parts of the world.

    1. Thanks for reading Jono. As I have said it before, Facebook is good to keep in touch with family members and friends in faraway lands. Otherwise, as much as it is constantly coming up with newer features every month in a bid to remain competitive and in high demand, it is really becoming frustrating and too ‘open’. Mark apparently thinks that every human being on this planet is a celebrity.

  14. Nine. For. Nine. All great points which made me leave Facebook in 2013. Now my old man self goes on “The Twitter”. I use my REAL name, with this pic. This schmo name is my handle. Keepin’ it real, and turning woe into WHOA!

  15. This a really great post! I love your sarcasm! 😊 And you are right about everything! Facebook can do plenty of damage!

    1. I *really* think that it should be used, not abused. And I *really* think that it’s high time people are educated about social media for them to have a broad awareness of the issues that take up so much of their lives.

  16. Very creative to bring the Bard up to date. But, did you know that William S. anticipated “fake news.” Indeed, he did.
    Open your ears, for which of you will stop
    The vent of hearing when loud Rumor speaks?
    Upon my tongues continual slanders ride,
    The which in every language I pronounce,
    Stuffing the ears of men with false reports.
    Henry IV

    1. Hi Tom, the quote feels apropos to the article. Facebook indeed spreads abominable falsehood and deliberate collective paranoia. But then, on what does the demon survive?

      Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!

    1. Hello Jonathan, I also use it moderately to stay connected with people I have a meaningful relationship in my life. Otherwise, I find no other good reason for its utilization.

    1. When did you delete your account? I’m so close to deleting mine but I’m linked to a school group on there. However, I’ve had it with the self-comparison bullshit and people posting stupid shit. No amount of curating and weeding out people has made the experience better.

      1. I think it’s a month now, just after Cambridge Analytica hit. That was the reason, it was just the final push I needed. I was also linked to a school/reunion group but I asked one of my close friends to update me if anything exciting happened.

  17. Brilliant! And you’ve given us a rather useful charm (or curse) to use to clean up our social media experience (regarding Facebook) thank you!

  18. I remember once writing a blog post about the ghost of Josef Stalin down in Hell where he laments on his rotating rotisserie barbecue spit that the Internet and social media weren’t around back in the days that he was dictator of the Soviet Union.
    If it had been, he could have saved a vast amount of money from the Soviet state’s GDP on not paying for a vast all-encompassing all seeing-eye all observing secret police service since citizens would openly blab every detail of their lives, their political and religious beliefs and all their secrets and what they currently look like and where they’re currently located in excruciatingly painful detail on a social media platform like Facebook.

    1. You are right. I know that police criminal department start day with checking some criminals fb accounts. People are stupid. You’re in mafia but you post on fb pic with your “co-workers” and you tag them?! 🙂

      1. Hello Dracul and Daga, I appreciate your taking the time to read and to leave a pertinent comment on the post. As you’ve both pointed out, Facebook preys upon people’s uninformed credulity and sheer ignorance. The situation is getting out of hand as the concerned authorities are still in the foot-dragging stage of playing delay tactics.

        Thank you for stopping by. Best wishes XO

  19. I never pitched my tent
    in the land of Facebookistan.
    My friends all sneered
    at my reluctance,
    saying, “come join us,
    the scenery if fine”.
    Now they ask
    how I knew
    that to sign on that
    dotted line
    was to become
    a victim of corporate crime.

  20. I agree. I don’t have FB or Instagram or Twitter, etc. I do have Linkedin and I find it’s pretty useless, and I have a Google account, which is just about as bad as FB, but I have to have the Google account because I use Google base maps in apps and programs I write for clients because our clients want Google Maps as part of their apps.

    1. Hello Timothy, social media has both its pros and cons. Considering the way business is evolving today, social media is becoming almost necessary. While it allows you to reach a large audience easily, engage in conversation with followers, make it easier and faster to share content and create a personality for your brand, it is at the same time a huge waste of resources and energy for a layperson who has got nothing significant to share apart from pictures of his/her lunch.

  21. I absolutely have to agree with every single thing you said. I have an Aunt who believes everything, another friend whose boyfriend whose partner does not have a Facebook, so she made a page for him. Not an actual profile, like a page and posts pictures in there of him…NOBODY CARES!lol
    You missed one group of people though!The ones who have 4000 “friends” who unfriend you for whatever reasons and make this huge public post about how lucky the other 3000 people should feel that they didn’t unfriend them…NOBODY CARES!lol

    1. Haha! Lolsy, this is too hilarious. I know that there exists such kind of people even though I have never befriended them on Facebook. We also have those bloated self-proclaimed experts like meteorologists, football coaches and chefs everywhere whose skills and talents are superceded by their big mouths on Facebook.

  22. I agree with you. I remember being a teenager when Facebook was at the height of its popularity, and I could never understand why people would document their entire lives on the site. I’ve always been concerned about privacy on social media, and I think people that haven’t been so concerned about their privacy are just starting to see the troubles.

    1. Very true Katie.

      At a time when pictures were shared with close ones to recollect and to preserve fond memories and events, when nobody except members of the family knew what they were having for dinner, when keeping in touch meant phone calls and visits to a time when selfies of the feet and shoes have started mattering, when food pictures are shared with strangers and when staying connected is done only via Facebook likes and comments, we, as the presumably ‘more educated’ and ‘more enlightened’ have direly degraded. Let me further add, communication on social media has become less classy as elegant sentences are being replaced by slang terms. Is this what we call ‘civilisation’?

      Hard to swallow!

  23. Though your post reg Facebook was interesting and make one go on and on to read, yet I feel to decipher the Mastery you possess over English, it would even make Shakespeare to think twice about how best he could have excelled you in writing. Though I desist reading lengthy post, I could not stop reading yours. Great work done: ‘LITTLE MERMAID’

    1. Oh my gosh! You’re too kind. Thank you so much for the compliments even if I believe Shakespeare remains the unassailable Father of English Language.

      Thank you again. Keep in touch! X

  24. Reblogged this on Knackered Dad and commented:
    I was going to write a post on the Facebook privacy issues that have been in the news & why FB gets on my wick.

    Thankfully for me The Little Mermaid has captured my thoughts, so enjoy the reblog!

    I’m feeling blessed. 😉

  25. I couldn’t have said what you said any more articulately. Thank you. I had considered deleting my Facebook account back in 2011, but held off on it until last month. I started spending less and less time on it, to be honest. I even started deleting people from my friends list that I wasn’t going to keep in touch with or meet in person anytime soon.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Tanya.

      At the risk of sounding priggishly anachronistic, I think only people who matter should be on one’s friend’s list. What’s the point of having 5000 friends on Facebook when not even one of them would genuinely care if something bad happened to you? People are becoming too superficial and stupid nowadays. Don’t you think so?

      Have a lovely Saturday!

      Sending you hugs and kisses X

  26. Thank you for speaking what I’ve been thinking for ages! I have a Facebook account and use it mostly to expand my blog. My husband lives on Facebook and it makes me crazy!
    I think the worst thing is when people get upset at me for not interacting with them on there. I’m never on. It’s not my thing. Get over it already!

    1. Hi dear, this is a very real issue affecting a couple’s life today. According to The Guardian, a 2010 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) found that four out of five lawyers reported an increasing number of divorce cases citing evidence derived from social networking sites in the past five years, with Facebook being the market leader. I myself, know of one such woman whose boyfriend was constantly glued to his phone even when they were supposed to be sharing emotionally intimate moments together. Well, the rest is history. She packed her bags and broke up with him, and I think she did the right thing. I can’t understand how people can consciously neglect their wives or husbands to this extent and then when someone else takes their place, they are the first ones to shout infidelity from the rooftop. Crazy!

  27. What does it say about me, that I look at FB as just ‘background noise’ the latest bacon-wrapped fad, and all the cutest kids doing dumb things videos. – all are noise. But I am stuck – a lot of memories got uploaded in the early ‘fun’ FB days. So quitting entirely from social media –esp as a blogger – I’d lose contact with a lot of old friends.

    1. Oups! From my point of view, a Facebooker has to use his or her account for not more than 6-7 years. After a few years, he/she simply deletes his/her account and creates another one. This is the best way to avoid feeling emotional and nostalgic about photos, posts or any other kind of personal information that have been shared on the platform. People change with time-it’s normal. Facebook exploits human’s sensitivities by creating and showing you videos of moments shared together with people you had known long ago. It’s rather trying to keep you stuck in a box. You think you are attached to those memories but in fact, you are attached to Facebook’s opinion of what should constitute of your memories which is unhealthy.

      All I’m trying to say is to be practical about this thing called ‘Facebook’. Don’t turn into the empty-headed dupes of Zukerberg.

  28. I despise Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. It was nice to see him squirm in front of Congress. He has taken advantage of so many of our human failings: vanity, insecurity, loneliness, ignorance and curiosity.

  29. Oh my goodness, you have over 5000 followers, and more than 60 comments just to this blog. And it took me forever just to read it.
    So I’m not reading all the comments too. To bad he’s not the Antichrist, or we could just kill him now and get on with life.
    When he went to CA and proliferated his scheme on campuses there, I wrote the Deans of the schools to have him arrested for solicitation and character defamation against the young coeds, guys were trying to score with.
    It all started at Harvard though, while guys sat around fantasizing on the females they wished to hook-up with. Because of his families influence and money, no one was the wiser to his soliciting pertinent and privileged information on the coeds, and then selling it to guys.
    What young, or old for that matter, woman doesn’t want to be swept off their feet. And he was a big hit and success quickly.
    When in CA the rape statistics went up 2000% on the campuses he was allowed to frequent. I wrote the AG in Washington to inform them of what was happening, as well as the SEC for not declaring his revenues. Today of course he’s worth over 50 billion dollars, and for some sort of penitence his wife is giving back $120 million to CA schools. That’s really not going to help the young girls who already sacrificed their morality to a smooth talking cad who used a cheat sheet to get into their panties.
    Hopefully not all of your posts are as in depth as this one, so I can read them without having to take an intermission. lol
    Anyways, this is only my 8th week here, and I have a lot of catching up to do.

    1. Hi Philip, thank you very much for reading this article of mine and commenting. It means a lot to me.

      I don’t know Mark Zukerberg personally. He is a public figure who is selling a product to me and as a consumer, I believe I have the right and freedom to point out the drawbacks of his service. I limit my arguments to Facebook and I have no intention whatsoever to judge his character as a person, let alone his wife’s.

      I have written lighter posts too like poems and quotes that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Please have a look and don’t forget to leave a feedback.

      Wishing you a blessed weekend! See you X

      1. I will have a look, as I enjoy poetry, and even ‘less demonstrative’ topics and criticisms.
        I apologize if I was a bit strong in my response; but it doesn’t change the fact that I detest him. Yet I will make an honest attempt to not pour my passions upon your pages.

        1. Hi Philip,

          I try my utmost best to make this online platform a place to share ideas in a public space with integrity and respect. Bullies, vulgarity and defamation of character based on hearsay are not endorsed.

          Thank you for understanding. And do keep in touch!

          Best wishes X

  30. Great post, I so agree with you! I tried FB years ago, it stinks and has grown into a cancerous tumor. I hope people will wise up and dump the site. FB sucks.

  31. Its not mark or Facebooks fault its just the realities of the world we live in being brought to the forefront. If I give 2 people a million dollars a piece . One might decide to invest for the future the other might blow it all and end up worst of then they where to begin with . That’s social media. In Greek mythology, Narcissus (/nɑːrˈsɪsəs/; Greek: Νάρκισσος, Nárkissos) was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia who was known for his beauty. He was the son of the river god Cephissus and nymph Liriope.[1] He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis noticed this behavior and attracted Narcissus to pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live. He stared at his reflection until he died. That’s a Facebook user looking at the computer monitor or there smart phone . It has nothing to do with being social but the gratification of the image that they are able to create they get lost in it . But you can use unsocial media for good though.

    1. Hi Pedro, the example of Narcissus is on point. It reflects the explosion of modern narcissism fuelled by the impact of social media on a self-obsessed generation. With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Tumblr unremittingly dominating the daily lives of people today, it seems like the younger generation is only concerned about getting more likes on their next “duck-face” photo, their thigh gaps, or a selfie in front of a major landmark. They know more about what the Kardashians wore for the Met Gala event than what the Pythagorean Theorem represents. We see them everyday, everywhere; visit any popular hot spot and you will surely be surrounded by a herd of selfographers. And each time you revisit, it seems like their numbers multiply in geometric progression- spreading faster than a plague. Now, ask yourself if we can produce luminaries like Plato, Leonardo da Vinci or Marie Curie among millennials bedevilled by the Facebook craze?

      1. Anything is possible Ms. Mermaid, but it would be a lot more difficult in this era. It’s like you make one mistake and the whole internet world is dragging you. Malcolm little was pimp, a con-man, and a ex-con who grew into the revolutionary the activist the religious leader Malcolm x. In this era he would of been a meme they wouldn’t of taken him serious because of his past . I don’t mind people taking pics or whatever else they do on social media . But I think the circus show aspect of it out weights the substance popularity out weights the reality. I read in article were they where even saying erectile dysfunction was happening earlier
        In males because the amount of sexual content they see on the gram and fb . But it’s great cause we get to meet new people have good educational convo like these . It’s a balance and understanding thing .

        1. I love your last sentence and it makes perfect sense. It’s all, in the end, about balancing one’s life on social media with reality; and dealing with such things in a responsible manner.

          I have enjoyed reading your views and interacting with you. I hope you visit again.

          Till then, take care X

          1. I thank you for a great article, I would love to have a conversation with you just in general. I love intelligent yet open-minded people. Keep up the good work with your beauty and talent.

  32. I love this! Very well said. I’ve been there for years and tried to maintained a secure and very private page but that didn’t happen due to the drawbacks all pointed by you! and despite the privacy settings, I still feel so open. Its been long now since I visited my page also. Just can’t tolerate the rolling events of listed people. Too much explosion. Just saving my account for the sake of some old memories all set in private mode. Thanks for the honest write up 👍

  33. That was one excellent rant my friend.. And I am doubly delighted I never joined FB nor have had any intention to do so.. Though it might have some uses. I have heard it cause more harm than good spitting up families in their love hate wars of words..
    Such a platform should be more strictly monitored, but its a tool like many others being used to desensitise human beings as they all become clones and follow suit..
    Wishing you a great week.. And take care..
    Hugs Sue

    1. Well said Sue!

      I am astounded at the amount of personal information we are willing to make available to total strangers (and total strangers are what the employees and customers who buy Facebook’s information are) via Facebook. Everything: work info, family relationships, love lives- you name it, is provided for the faceless Facebook business entity to view and read.
      If anything, Facebook is a soulless corporation out to make money from the data its users provide. That they would be secretly using us, their customers as guinea pigs should not surprise anyone anymore given that Mark Zukerberg made it clear that privacy is no longer a “social norm”. I wonder how he came up with this vague, prejudiced conclusion!

      You have a fantastic rest of the week, too sweetheart!

      Sending you lots of love and hugs X

  34. What was once useful has indeed reduced itself into everything you assert. I post there from my blog and get very few views and fewer likes. Not that I care, just an observation. I enjoy blogging so much more, the interaction is real and thoughtful. I concur!

    1. Oh! There is a world of difference between blogging and facebooking. I like to use Facebook for keeping in touch with relatives and friends only.

      Blogging is a more educational, creative platform where people can share their ideas, opinions and expertise with like-minded people. I started out believing thus, not knowing that my followers would eventually become part of my extended family.😊

      1. I agree completely, however with texting Facebook has become irrelevant to me for staying in touch family etc… getting the number tho is the trick… by the way lol 😂

  35. Great post..agreed..I’ve been off facebook for over a year now and the only thing I miss is retrieving the years of photos..the stories of deceit and the sneaky ass ways its used disgusts me…Great passionate rant!

    1. Thank you Kerri! Perhaps you could have downloaded the pictures before deleting your account.

      But there’s no point crying over spilt milk, especially if it involves Facebook. Haha!

  36. I am not sure if you are aware of this yet, but Facebook is really good at making us hate each other.
    I have lost count of the number of times I have seen a post from a person I admired, or respected, that sent my fingers in a flurry across my phone screen, thumbs first. I’m also a collector. I screenshot to store evidence before metaphorically adding their name to the list of “friends” who are dead to me.
    You can imagine what was on my newsfeed. Probably very similar to yours. Everyday people, suddenly becoming politicians, writing memoirs and soliloquies about how much they love/hate politicians, believe in Women’s equality, or…don’t…because apparently that’s a thing? People who I once thought were intelligent, lovely human beings, suddenly became grotesque monsters and I wondered how it took me this many years to notice. I saw statuses that truly left me speechless. I couldn’t fathom how people in their right minds could broadcast such polarizing posts. And then I remembered one of the reasons I started logging off social media one day a week: “over-use desensitizes you”.
    Remember, empathy is dying, and demigods are thriving. A hit is a hit, bring on the dopamine. Facebook fights typically barrel roll, leaving everyone demolished in their path. No one ever wins, and you bring the crazies out of the woodwork. These fights cause anxiety, they make you angry, and they fill your phone storage with screen shots where there could be selfies. 😦

  37. Great post! I would add something one commenter briefly mentioned, and that is Google. Not only do they have more info on a user than FB does, they are enablers of people such as FB and Twitter. You are wise to be cautious and to point out both the silliness and sadness of those who hang it all out on FB. Blessings to you and yours, and keep up the great work.

    1. Hello D.T, it’s true that Google has more info about us than Facebook, and for some reason, there is a convenient free pass given to it for using our data for commercial purposes. And before you accuse me of hypocrisy, I will freely admit that I do it, too.

      Well, with Google, it’s a trade-off-an “I to you, you to me” scenario. I just want to get on the Web, find what I need and get on with my day. If I have to let Google have a little of my personal information in order to accomplish what I’m searching for, then I can live with that. Also, while Facebook is getting hammered for changing its privacy rules so often, at least Alphabet Inc. is transparent about its use of user data. Lastly, Google is just too pervasive. You can’t avoid it, so why bother?

      Thank you for reading and commenting on the post. Do keep in touch!

      Sending good vibes your way X

  38. Facebook is like alcohol. Pleasant taken in moderation, but dangerous for those without the self-control to avoid addiction, or the intellect to use it responsibly.

  39. Thanks for sharing this. It was truly powerful and enlightening. I used to be on Facebook a lot but now I rarely go on it. For me I tend to use Instagram more.

    1. Whatever floats your boat, Mark! Instagram content drives more engaged and specific traffic than any other visual photo and video-sharing social networking services. If photo sharing is your hobby, Instagram is a nice platform to showcase your pictures, adventures or creativity.

  40. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more true and entertaining account of the FB Demon that sucks the sanity and creativity from us and leaves us floating in a wasteland of moronism, senseless memes, and post-orgasmic selfiedom. I was so motivated by your post that I deleted my FBook account. It was shortly after that I found myself experiencing peace of mind. You’ve saved one soul at least. 🙂

    1. Haha! I didn’t realise this post was so impactful that it prompted you to delete your account. In recent years, Facebook has staggeringly become a black hole of negativity, drama, disturbing news, and chaos. We have to save our own skin.

      Have a nice day! XO

  41. When I read this post I must say it was well true. I myself don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account because of Security purposes. As for using a different picture I only use my real picture on LinkedIn since my profile is sometimes used as a resume`. My wordPress accounts I use my cats’s picture and for my G+ profile I use a squirrel. In my opinion this is OK what are your thoughts?

    1. Hi there, as I see it, the decision to share your own pictures online with strangers is very personal-depending on your level of comfort. You need to assess both the gains and the risks/potential risks involved. However, I am 100% against sharing photos of babies and minor children on social media. Their privacy is their fundamental right, and that has to be respected by parents and third parties alike.

  42. I agree w/ much of what you’ve written. Many people, however, rely on social media due to loneliness. A sense of isolation is all too common on our society. Sadly, even comments from total strangers are seen as positive, in that context.

  43. Finally someone who agrees with my thoughts! I absolutely hate Facebook too and i don’t understand why some people are Soo fucking addicted to it!

  44. You pissed me off so good with this one. I love it. I’m definitely a “vaguebooker”. You know its a great post when it pisses you off but you still whole heartedly love it at the same time. This was beautifully written. I’m an instant fan of your blog.

  45. Mermaid (Ariel?), I enjoyed reading this article. I know this may sound anachronistic, but would you allow me to quote you (I always give credit to the original source) in a Facebook post? I loved your short paragraph about the stem cell cause and the woman buying an orange. Freaking hilarious!

    1. Heya, it’s only ‘The Little Mermaid’ (my real name is Urvashi). Ariel is Christian Andersen’s muse and let’s keep it that way please. Haha!

      Sure! Please feel free to share the article on your social media.

      Best wishes to you X

  46. This made me laugh.
    Although I’m not sure why you’re on Facebook if you hate it so much.
    I created a Facebook page for my site that I’m not sure how it works.
    Honestly my view is that it is what it is. Either I am a part of it or not. My choice.
    Love and light

    1. Hi Eliza, thanks and happy to have made you laugh. I use Facebook to keep in touch with my family and close friends. However, I wrote this article bearing in mind that there are people, especially teens, who handle their Facebook account like a toddler having a blowtorch in an oil factory; without giving a modicum of thoughtful consideration to their reputation or privacy. And therein comes the necessity to educate people how to use social media sensibly for the right reason.

      Best wishes to you X

  47. Aaahhhahaha this has made my morning!!! Thank you for summing up most of the reasons I quit Facebook years ago and have no intention to return!

    1. That’s right. I can’t fathom how people eat, sleep and breathe Facebook when there is no dearth of parks, beaches and interesting places to travel to in the whole wide world.

  48. I see many are saying that they are ‘tweeting’ your post on Twitter. Twitter is the worst.

  49. for me the internet is a free broadcast and not all broadcast on the internet is quality and we have to choose. it used to be only television that can broadcast, now who knows the internet can already broadcast.semoga internet semangkin forward, anyone involved.

  50. Lesleykluchin says:

    This is a reply to The Little Mermaid.
    I mistakenly replied in between comments above not realizing that I had to scroll down to the very end to get to post. I am unable to delete my comment way way above where I jumped into someone else’s conversation (sorry) so I am responding now in the proper format.

    Dear Mermaid,
    I don’t necessarily agree with your post, although your comments were very well written, and as a retired writing teacher I was quite pleased with your ability and your talent. That being said, I think Facebook has great value. It has changed the world for people my age. We are able to connect with old high school and college friends, share photos of our children and grandchildren, catch up on the careers we have embarked upon over the years, and share our lives with friends and family around the world, as well as becoming politically active again. It has significantly enhanced the lives of the over 50 crowd. We look at things from an entirely different perspective since snail mail was our only means of communication when we were your age. Imagine for a second growing up without cell phones, without iPads, without social media. Frankly, I am amazed that the world survived so long without technology. But we did. So my contemporaries and I look at Facebook as a gift from the tech gods.

    I am from the generation who marched for peace and equality in the late 1960’s and we now find ourselves marching once again so that our grandchildren can continue to have the rights we fought so diligently for when we were young and energetic and part of that magnificent hippie generation. We sat holding hands in a sea of colors to create change. We wrote poetry and music and wanted the world to hear our cries for peace. I was in the first all girl’s band in South Florida in 1966, and we tried to make a difference through our music. (We made local history because we were girls playing guitars and no one had ever seen that before in South Florida and amazingly enough a blogger a few years ago found an old news clip of my band and wrote a blog about girl bands of the 1960’s and I now have young women from all over the world writing to me. A blip from my youth has gone viral because of rock groups on Facebook.) For my generation life just happened….we grew up, had families, became part of the work force and lost touch with one another. That is UNTIL social media happened.

    Facebook enabled us to interact again and find one another. Women and men around this country finally able to join hands once more, but this time through social media like Facebook. What a gift!!!! Now we can join political groups on FB to find marches, protests and fight for causes again to help save our environment, give women equal pay and health care , all because of the forum on Facebook. We can connect and form meet up groups to stay actively involved and relevant. YES RELEVANT. (Women in America become invisible after 50 but not anymore.) We can connect and find one another again and we are powerful in numbers. Facebook gave us that power. We connected again. It is like being back in college but on a larger scale.The women’s Marches are proof of that.

    Facebook allowed us to post events and reach out to people so that my class of 1967 could have our 50th high school reunion. We received input from former classmates and set up everything via FB.
    * It also has allowed us to set up groups to help those of us who are in ailing health or widowed and may need assistance. FB helps us find those friends we would never have been able to locate without social media, and so now we can make sure they are ok,or can get the medical care they need. ALL this from Facebook! YES!!! NOT EVERYONE ON FACEBOOK IS VAPID AND USELESS!!!
    So you see, There are many positives for those of us who use social media as a way to help make this world better!!! IT IS ALL A POINT OF VIEW and how the wisdom that comes with maturity takes a gift like FACEBOOK and uses it for positive ways to help others rather than selfish nonsense. Clearly you are not joining the right groups on FB or you and your friends would know that. Of course I highly doubt you would be a member of a group such as “Grandmas for good.” LOL

    In the 1960’s my generation wanted to change the world. Now that I am in my 60’s, I am thrilled that I can embrace technology and stay in contact with so many amazing people with similar points of view, who still want to make this a better world in which to live. We are still fighting for change. And this venue gives us a voice. I write a poetry curriculum for an after school poetry network and posting on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and instagram gets the word out.

    No, I don’t post photos of my food. I don’t make a fish face and take silly selfies like the Kardashians. BUT, I do love to share photos of my precious grandchildren. I am so blessed to have them in my life and so my friends and I delight in seeing one another’s children and grandchildren. We are proud of our accomplishments and motherhood is something we hold in high regard.

    We are those amazing women who are still strong, vibrant, and vital. We use twitter, Facebook and instagram. We protest, we march, and we blog. And we love it all.

    I grew up when if you wanted to write to someone you posted a letter. So you damn well better believe that I love getting up every day, after 36 years of teaching, and in retirement, I can drink my morning cup of coffee and turn on my iPad or laptop and write something profound on Facebook. To me, there is nothing better!!

    By the way, I very much appreciated your adaptation from Macbeth. That was wonderful. I taught Shakespeare for decades. I loved that scene and my first year in college I played one of the witches on stage. Although, I did prefer getting the larger parts of Lady Macbeth and Juliet later on. I think those roles were more meaningful than anything I ever performed during my years as an actress. Nobody does it better than the Bard.

    Thanks for sharing your post. While we can agree to disagree about FB, but it was a delight to read your work.

      1. Thank you Robert. Sometimes we have to look outside our own “universe” to understand the needs of others. Facebook may not be the cool place for young people anymore, but it certainly has evolved into something really wonderful for my generation.

          1. Thank you Robert, I’m happy to hear that.
            Quite honestly in looking over many of the comments on this thread, I’m dismayed at all the negativity. I don’t see that on FB because I don’t friend or follow folks who harbor such anger and negative emotions.
            Actually, I don’t see much difference between WordPress or FB. I use both to write. However FB is much easier to maneuver and I have more control over who sees what I write.
            It’s rather humorous to me that people use WP in much the same way as FB but than gripe about FB and yet, use WP as a tool to voice their opinions and gather followers. Isn’t that doing the same thing? Hmmmm isn’t that being a WP snob? That’s rather elitist.
            People my age don’t care about followers. We just want to create and be involved in helping improve the human condition. ANY site that allows that to happen is a good thing. And if any social media site makes you unhappy then don’t use it. Nobody is forcing anyone to use or not use social media.

            But…. IF this author is going to get picky about the vices of FB, then it seems hypocritical to “ dis” selfies and then use a glamour shot on WordPress as a gravitar. How is that different from a glam profile picture or selfie? Dear lovely Mermaid, please explain how your profile is any different from those you hate on FB? I don’t understand the difference.
            Personally, I just sat in front of my laptop and snapped a shot from my MacBook Pro for my gravitar and use my grandkids as a background pic in each of my posts here. (WP) I write my feelings about life, politics, literature, the world etc. on both sites. I don’t care about anything other than self expression and being honest and real. No glamour shots, just real life. (I’m teasing but hopefully you get my point. You cannot critique one venue and do the same thing on another.)

            You know, Thankfully, we have the freedom to dislike FB or twitter or WP. But judging others for enjoying one site over an other seems to lack an understanding for your fellow man/women. But, I come from a place of tolerance. That’s what happens when you’ve been around for 6 decades. You don’t sweat the small stuff. I say post what makes you happy. And if dressing up and taking glam shots for a gravitar or profile pic makes someone more confident then do it proudly. “To thine own self be true”.

      1. Là, je suis très impressionné, Petite Sirène. Très inattendu. Et agréable.
        Une bonne soirée à toi donc.
        A +
        PS. Pas couramment? Tes mots étaient parfaits. 😉

  51. Yup. I think I am also one of the few who has not succumbed to FB. At least until about a month ago when a neighbour suggested it might help me sell some surplus household items purged during cleaning. All it brought up was someone who was Phishing, and a whole host of notices from Facebook every day about how much better my life was going to be after I got more ingrained in the App. Also, hundreds of friend suggestions for people I had no clue or commonality with. After 2 weeks and not one item sold, I deactivated the account and will not be back. Agree, none of us needs to live vicariously through the lives of others dross. I will not be back. As to sharing photos and communicating with people, I am sure there are better ways that do not invade our lives. Great post in any event.

  52. This was a well-written piece. I enjoyed reading your opinion on this matter (And I agree). It was also quite humorous!

  53. You brought up some good points here, including things I am also guilty of.

    Could you clarify though what ways you think Facebook could be used for useful purposes? I agree with you; I’m just interested in hearing how you think it could be used in useful ways.

    1. Hi Brendan, to be frank, I believe a business, no matter its size, has a lot to gain from Facebook. With Facebook collecting data on our likes, dislikes, interests and lives, they are in a much better position to channel potential customers to that organization through highly targeted affordable ads. It serves as a perfect online marketing tool.

      On a more personal level, it might be good to have an account on the platform to keep in touch with close ones, provided that the security and privacy settings are not compromised. If no one lets a stranger into their house without permission, why should it be lax in the virtual world?

      Have a wonderful Sunday! X

      1. I totally agree that business have much to gain from Facebook. I would add though that it can cost money to really advertise…that boost post feature costs money.

        I would agree in terms of having social media to keep in touch with close ones. That being said though, this keeping in touch should be low-stress, high relaxation. Not that I succeed in keeping social media a low-stress area.

  54. Number 5 bothers me the most. For those who use FB as a diary entry I have the answer for I simply hide all stories by this person. They are clearly lonely. The selfies are annoying but they are on Instagram as well… It is a superficial society…

    1. You are right. It is a superficial society that we live in. We’re easily bored, our attention spans keep shrinking and we do not contemplate our actions enough. We’re more apt to react to what we see on social media and type off a quick response, or click a thumbs up button and move on to the next video flashing at us. Before we know it, an hour, or two, or more, has passed, and all we’ve been doing is wading in the shallows.

      Superficiality is a grave problem because it creates a sense of isolation. We’ve been made in the image of God. He gave us a brain with the ability to think, to enjoy beauty, to appreciate the wonder of God. He created us for relationship, for fellowship. We’re selling ourselves short of what God intends us to be and what He intends for His body when we settle for fake virtual relationships or when we sit with our phones in our hands instead of marvelling at nature’s wonder.

      Isolation ultimately leads to depression, anxiety and withdrawal. It’s a scary image when one goes deep to analyse the effects of Facebook on a person’s overall well-being.

      Thanks for your input. Have a good day! X

  55. I think that Facebook was fun just like gambling at the casinos. But at some point I have to draw my line as to how much fucking money I’m going to keep throwing in those (emotional) machines. THE KILLERS sing “The house will always win.” Who are we kidding? But, hell, why not throw in another five or twenty?? I might just win the love of my life… tisk* tisk*

    1. Hi Daniel, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in replying to your comment.

      You are squarely correct by saying that social media platforms, including Facebook operate as gambling machines by using the same techniques to create psychological dependencies and ingrain their products in the lives of their users.

      These methods are so effective that they can activate similar mechanisms as cocaine in the brain, create psychological cravings and even invoke “phantom calls and notifications” where users sense the buzz of a smartphone, even when it isn’t really there.

      In the online economy, revenue is most crucially a function of continuous consumer attention – which is measured in clicks and time spent. The pull-to-refresh and infinite scrolling mechanism on our news feeds are unnervingly similar to a slot machine- you get drawn into “ludic loops” or repeated cycles of uncertainty, anticipation and feedback — and the rewards are just enough to keep you going.

      It’s a blood-curdling scenario. We have to start recognizing the costs of time spent on social media. It’s not just a distraction– it affects us financially, physically and emotionally.

      Thank you for the visit. I hope you come back again!

      Love and hugs X

  56. YeP. I agree pretty much with both your emotions and all points made about the abuses of FB. You nailed it. I gotta beg mercy for some of the older folks though, who just put too much “boring stuff” on there. For two reasons:
    One is if you are over the age of 50, you actually remember what it is like to NOT have cheap and easy communication with loved ones. I.e., when I was engaged to my hubby in the 80’s, we lived in different STATES, and only had snail mail and expensive long distance calls. Period. (And I mean expensive–10 cents a minute was good, in an era when min. wage was $3.50/hr and a medium pizza at Pizza hut was $10). So it was one call a week and letters. What we would have given for EMail!
    And secondly, some older folks are just lonely and stuck at home, and no one stops by like they used to. Older people have ALWAYS talked too much about mundane things, like the fungus on their toes! They just never had a forum like FB before. And now they do. That’s all. It’s not FB’s fault–it’s being human. So what if we just LIKE and scroll on, no matter the Social Media forum—Grace wins the day–and we are all gonna need it. Yep.

    1. That’s right. If we are talking about the syzygy of three eras:one when communication was an expensive luxury, the present when most people have all the means of communication readily available and the future whereby internet-based telepathy may no longer be a technological fantasy but a reality, one can only see the good sides of Facebook. Unfortunately though, I would term this as ‘short-sightedness’ on our part.

       “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”-Martin Luther King Jr

  57. I deactivated my Facebook account perhaps two months ago. When my interest dwindled, they started sending me emails with invites to friendships with porn models. I didn’t know how to go about deactivating, so I called information (hit 411) and asked for Facebook’s phone number. Called them and got the info I needed. But going about the process was difficult because one must have a fucking REASON or excuse for deactivation, as if it were defecting from internal revenue or something you just cannot do. I told the truth: conscientious objection to the pornography lures. I was a little afraid that Facebook would sue me for character defamation or something. But anyway: yeah, Facebook is the Antichrist. BTW, I love Macbeth.

    1. You must have not seen the South Park episode about FB… anyone who see that, will never sign in Fb 😀

    2. Oh yeah Rob! Facebook has the gall to ask you for the reason of your leaving, as if you owe it any sort of explanation. It is indeed the Antichrist, all set to bring about the cataclysmic doom of humanity.

  58. Bonjour ou bonsoir

    La vie a grand besoin de respect et d’amour
    Il faut savoir donner pour mériter de prendre
    Ce qui nous est offert et savoir aussi le rendre
    Nous traversons, souvent, pendant notre vie
    Des tortueux chemins qui viennent nous surprendre
    C’est alors qu’il nous faut ouvrir nos cœurs et tendre
    La main à nos amis pour leur dire bonjour
    Belle journée ou belle soirée
    Bisous Bernard

  59. I’ve got a simple solution for all this: stay off FB. I never signed in and still alive and happy. Easy uh ?

  60. You’re correct, buy we can hijack it from them, and use it for positive effects.

  61. Funny article. And so true.
    I wrote about Facebook too, but nowhere near as powerful as this article.

  62. Well said. My experience with FB is limited to a small circle of friends with similar interests, and that is what most of the post involve. I haven’t gotten a friend request from ? in months. I downloaded my FB data and saw how deeply FB dug in-not. Under “interests” was only one item, “Nigromancy,” and a woman on my friend’s list whom I lived with in the 1970s is listed as my sister. I’ve been creative about what I said about myself, so what FB was selling was fake information. I don’t go near the news feed, but I joined several groups that proved helpful. Oh, and I am NOT involved in black magic (Nigromancy is an alternate spelling of Necromancy).

  63. fb is anathema. delete . . . delete . . . delete . . . but; first make damn sure all your information is shut off, all references to you within fb are totally shut off – takes a few months; fb scumbag method to stop you and keep you stupid and keep you as their property so persist and get the hell out of that hell-hole. FAST!!!!!!!!

  64. Now that’s what I call ranting! lol I should’ve sent you a selfie of me reading this blog. Okay, going to the laundromat now…then food shopping for ramen and bleach. : p

    — M

  65. The truth is and the sad reality is that with social media, common sense is often deleted. Common sense would tell us that the faces posted and the activities and the style of the writing don’t often match the owner’s age or sensibilities which can make one’s interpretation of it false. Be wary of any social media because who one portrays to be may not false. Use common sense when opening. Face booking, blogging, social media is fun but use common sense when opening.

  66. This made me laugh.
    I agree with most of what you say, I am just surprised that an intelligent lady can get so uptight about the fact that folks are dumb.
    If you have ever seen TV you know this, there has been a deliberate policy of dumbing down for many years now.
    And don’t start me on newspapers!
    There was a time when an editorial was a balanced view of a situation or event, now it is pure propaganda or plain lies.
    But back to FB.
    I dislike that it decides what I should see, that it is arrogant enough to think that it knows better than I do myself what I am allowed to view and what I need to be protected from.
    Censorship, I despise it.
    Well done, Little Mermaid

  67. This is funny because it’s true! It’s sad but it’s true and I prefer laughter. It’s a better use of energy 😂😂😂

  68. Great post! I had to take a break from Facebook for awhile because of all of the above listed things. After a few days, they started to send emails to me about everything I was ‘missing’. I would give it up completely but only have connections with some friends that live far away on there. 🙄

    1. I second your last sentence. Facebook has to have more competition in the social media industry. We, consumers, need more of such platforms in the digital world so that one giant doesn’t feel like it has 100% control over our activities and lives. That’s too unhealthy.

  69. I was eagerly waiting to see your reply to my comments on the post. When I did not get, I felt as if my heart skipped a beat. Yesterday when I saw, i regained my strength, and was relieved to see your reply. Secondly, i think you were on vacation, or else there would be immediate reply for the comments made out no sooner they are made just like the drop of a hat. Thirdly, i believe, your post is the only one, with so many comments, and if one cares, they can easily bind them in a book and keep it for the future generations of not only Mauritius but to the world too.

    1. Hi dear, thank you for the compliments. I apologize for the delay in replying to your comment. I was not on a vacation. I was a little busy taking care of certain things.

      I hope you are fine and enjoying a cozy Sunday. All the best!

      Hugs X

  70. Haha this is exactly what I think about FB lately. I personally hate it now when people post endless photos of every vacation they take….so annoying. I don’t know why, but it really erks me. Maybe that’s just me. Really liked your post….very entertaining!

  71. Great essay. Although you may have been to kind to Facebook

    In my opinion — Facebook is horrid. The refuge of the people who hated to leave high school. It is the social media equivalent of a Christmas Card Letter with a picture of an old friend but current acquaintance’s children on camels in front of the Great Pyramid.

    Twitter, on the other hand, is a tempered by the character limit and anonymity. You don’t “know” most of Twitter. And you only follow the interesting one.

    No obligation except to your voice and your interests.

  72. Love the Shakespeare!

    FB groups have to be well moderated and for a specific purpose or they are a waste of time. Since many people cannot be bothered to read anything longer than three sentences at a 5th-grade reading level I do my serious communicating by blog. And follow other excellent writers like you!

  73. Once more I was astonished to see your reply and was happy to see the train back on its rails. It gives me immense pleasure, whenever I see a few lines from you, which increases my heart’s rate. I consider you as one of the damsels from the heavenly abode of king Indra as your name URVASHI,and your name befits you because of your celestial beauty. Good and happy sunday at the Mauritius to you.

  74. I have happily never been on Facebook… As you may have noticed, I’ve been off wordpress for a while too. Too busy living to tell everyone about it. Too busy writing letters directly to those whom I want to know about our life… I may go by the symbol of being a hermit (which I prefer to be), but I actually sign-off all my comment with my real name – Oscar

  75. I agree, Facebook is a tool to break through our super ego and let anything come out that we think. It’s getting to be very annoying actually.

  76. Indeed, life is about living. It seems to me that all those faces pressed into hand-sized rectangles are missing everything that lives and breaths outside ‘the tiny box’. These living dead fear the light of day, that their faces and figures may not be Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt … who BTW also need a lot of help at not being themselves. Life is less frightening once one realizes that the shaman’s smoke and light on the cave’s back wall are just shadows. If we lift our heads and turn around, we see sunlight streaming, stars sparkling, trees and flowers, and people not unlike ourselves. Some are even real.

  77. You are funny but I do agree with you! Though my FB friends are mostly my close relatives and very close real friends. I don’t do public.

  78. I do agree with you… My facebook isn’t active yet, I just opened one recently. But I still also agree that facebook has given us a platform to socialize. I go there and I find my childhood friends.. People I thought I may never talk too again. That’s good too.
    But you still have a point. So while I may still attempt using my facebook, I’ll endeavor to refrain from these issues you’ve stated .
    I personally love this post.

  79. Even Mark Zukerberg, from what I heard, didn’t envisage this egregious senselessness being meted out to his creativity.

    Truth be said, I’m not surprised about these things.

    I couldn’t hide my horror when one idiot posted a coitus act of two senseless adults beside a car; she’s probably a sex worker. I warned the perpetrator about God’s anger, to remove it, and never try it again on a Christian’s wall.

    The Devil has his evil minions everywhere, ready to do his hellish stunts! Another truth is that if Lucifer doesn’t use any available medium to disseminate his nefarious intentions, he will be stupider than I think he is, as far as I’m concerned! He is the god of this sinful cosmos. His time will soon be up, thankfully!

    I just hope your strong words have sunk into good ears and especially hearts. But can we discourage the incorrigible children of Satan? Well done, dear, Little Mermaid.

  80. I have a dear cousin who pens a letter to me -often. None are tap, tap … sends, so worthy of a paper file save. And reread. It is not all about her, it is about us. It is about us, in depth, and of course, it is about the greater than us. Pen to paper seems qualitatively different; it listens, and absorbs. I so appreciate your post! Thanks.

  81. True wisdom is knowing the value of time, and the value of soul. FB had great potential, but foolish people have ruined it. It drains both your time and soul. I tried it twice and gave it up quickly both times. At age of 62 I’m in Act III of my life. After many years of working to provide for my family, I can finally do more of things I have a real passion for. I don’t want to waste it. I find blogging a much better platform for people who really have something to say of passion and value. In no time at all you can tell if a blog site is a place you want to spend some time, if it has value to you. Thanks for visiting my site. It is very appreciated. I’m looking forward to exploring more of yours, I enjoy thought provoking conversation, but at the moment I got a Teepee in a quiet scenic place calling my name.

      1. Hi,

        With all due respect, I fail to comprehend why you consider that you should not be using my proper first name- ‘Urvashi’ when you are addressing me in a comment. May I know on what basis are you offering an apology to me?

        Those who know me in the blogosphere have always called me by my name without any issue. While I do not repudiate the highly plausible possibility of being conferred the title of ‘Her Majesty’ in the foreseeable future, I suppose we can make do with just ‘Urvashi’ at present.

        Have a good day!

        Sending positive vibes all your way X

  82. I deleted my account almost a year ago, and i do not miss it one bit. The political and religious banter combined with all of the other junk posts really made the whole thing unappealing. I did appreciate staying in touch with family from far away, but now that i have made contact with them, i no longer need the profile.

    This is a great post, loved reading it.

  83. Love the post and it was very entertaining and true. I could never get into Facebook. As soon as I started an account years ago was just as soon as I deleted it. I don’t plan on ever going back.

  84. Reading an article never felt this good. Facebook is… ahhh, you’ve said it better than me anyway. I’m even happier knowing over 500 people like this. There is a hope! Thank you!

  85. I am in full agreement concerning FB – I ditched it a few months ago now and suffer no withdrawal symptoms whatever. However, on a more serious matter, I have been instructed by my client W. Shakespeare of Yonder Cottage, Stratford to pursue a certain plagiarism issue…

  86. Wow. Explanation is fantastic… Facebook users are drowning in the hands of Satan, that’s why even I have used my facebook accounts used only during 2012-2015, after hardly I check. I have almost stopped because all the false informations, fake stories, though very little to use but majority it is satan’s work and face book is modern satanic tool which making billion to addict. Truely FACEBOOK AND WHATS UP DEVILS WORK, they have targeted majority of humans like acoholic and drug addict. Most of the uneducated by look fake and edited pictures assume that some thing real happened after watching fake news and fake videos.

  87. It’s no wonder why I haven’t been on FB in over 4 years. One of the best quotes I’ve heard about the problems of FB and other platforms comes from Jeremy Irons of all people. In an interview, he said “Social media is one of the most frightening things ever.” It was funny, yet scarily true at the same time.

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  89. My problem with it is that FB can be such a useful tool. But like our smart phones in general we abuse it. It’s not just FB but this age of instant gratification.

  90. Gahhhhh i super love this post and I think I love you now too lol. You have this unique writing flavor with the right amount of spice that I really really like. All points you mentioned above are 100% true! They said that social media’s negative effects are going to get worse but with posts like this, a huge difference can be made and who knows? Maybe this will shed a light to those who use Facebook the improper way and hopefully, things will get better in the future. The world needs to read this! ♥️
    Ps. I have a facebook account but I rarely use it. Just like you, i have it to connect with family and friends especially the ones abroad. And I also post some of my blog posts through FB. 💖

    1. Haha! It’s good to know you’re not on the list of crazy Facebook addicts. I think Facebook is that infamous restaurant where buffonery and pretence are served à la king.

      Thanks for stopping by, Apple Rae.

      Hugs and kisses X

  91. I laughed throughout the post, because it’s SO true!🤣 I HATE when posts say, type “Amen” if agree or that if you don’t repost, you’ll be cursed or something like that. And all the fake profiles!😤 Like there was this one guy who used a photoshopped pic of Abraham Lincoln with a wrestling belt over his shoulder & the users name was of Spanish origin was giving me about a post I commented on how I liked how comic book movies are becoming more diverse and this guy does everything to annoy me and MOST of denounce rise of diverse comic book films!😤 But I shouldn’t be surprised😒 He wants to literally and figuratively “save face” so he can have the freedom of being the asshat he really is which just wrong as an excuse to bully ppl online. Ugh…I feel ever since Trump got elected into office I have have bombarded with fake profiles who say racists comments or just simply want to irritate me. It’s a good thing I kept my account private otherwise my page would been FILLED with all that crap😒 Never since throughout my time on Facebook these past 7 years have I EVER come across fake profiles that want to banter about their racist and anti-intellectualism rhetoric at me. Thanks Trump😒😑

    1. It is simply the virtual epidemic of purblind ultracrepidarianism that seem to have hit the populace in general. I really hope we recover from this widespread disease before it is too late.

  92. The only thing that’s keeping me from closing my Fb page is my daughter’s class page where her teacher posts announcements and stuff. Fb was so fun 8-9 years ago. So, so fun. Now it’s exactly like you said. 😦

  93. Lol 😂 I second your opinion on that. FB & insta r indeed the Satan’s tool, where ppl live the life they want to but in reality far fetched to themselves ;by captioning the sassy possible way, clicking in trial rooms, friends car . Argh !

    1. Gosh! That’s so true. It makes me cringe when I find people posting their lunch or dinner pictures served on a princely Bernardaud Limoges tableware on Instagram to the rest of us. Like hello, what if I told you that your food picture, no matter how classy you think it is, is just a photo of your poop at its initial stage of production?! And that’s gross! *eye-rolls

      Facebook and Instagram are both mediums of communication that have taken the world by storm in recent years. They are to be used intelligently because they are not a platform to showcase one’s crackpottedness. Or else, what’s the point of having a boyfriend/girlfriend if you’re letting out all your imbecility for us to digest?

      Haha! Have a nice week, darling! X

  94. I stopped using FB about 6 years ago… and I did not miss anything… I spent more time with family and loved ones, get a second degree, and became a happier person! FB I believe, and if, agreements and other legal documentation did not change yet/pardon me if I’m wrong/ owns all information you, I would provide. All images, text, conversations – it’s all property of FB. When we subscribe to the service and think it’s Free, it’s NOT. Nothing is Free!

    Amazing post, thank you for making all of us think twice or three times!

    1. You are totally right. In fact, all Facebook users have to understand that the reason that the firm is so profitable is because our data is gold, and we’re giving it away for FREE. Companies such as Facebook and Instagram aren’t charities. Zuckerberg is anything but stupid!

  95. Yes and yes. I have deactivated Facebook from my phone and will only access occasionally via incognito tabs n vpn so the creepy bastards can’t get their cold slippery fingers on my digital body. Note deactivated not deleted as my Samsung phone will not let me delete it completely – so it lies in wait like like the egg spores from Prometheus (not sure about that film to be honest, but creepy it was! )

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