What’s Not To Love About Mauritius?

Cultivated fields and greenery lush

A landscape-so picturesque! So plush!

Where the crisp turquoise sea is its own master

Life doesn’t go by any faster.

The soul flies to the Pearly Gates

Into the soundlessness of nature’s solace

Goodness gracious!

Such is the alluring charm of Mauritius.

What’s not to love about this tiny, yet surpassingly gorgeous island in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Covering an area of just 2, 040 square kilometres, you can tour the whole coast in less than a day with a car! Wow! Over the years, many of you have been curious to know where does ‘The Little Mermaid’ come from. Does she really belong to the deep, mystic oceans? Or what inspired her to name her site ‘The Little Mermaid’? Should I be disarmingly open with you, finding a perfect name for my website was not rocket science for me. Coming from Mauritius, the land of chimerical mermaids where the bucolic environment is the elixir of peace and unity, I deemed it ideal to call my blog thus for the name spells out the rare exotic beauty of the country and its inhabitants.

Do you want to discover the enchanting richness of Mauritius?

Read on…

1. Sun

Due to its geographical location, Mauritius is blessed with a summery climate all throughout the year. In fact, it has only two seasons-summer and winter. The coolest months are July and August when average minimum night temperatures drop down to 16.4 degrees Celsius, which is pretty endurable compared to other countries. Mauritius boasts of spectacular sunrise and sunset scenes that are best viewed along the coastal regions. Eye-catching sunrises can be savoured in the east like at Palmar Beach; the radiating soft glow of the sun in the morning from the horizon is mightily bright and mesmerising. Sunsets are dreamy in the west, for instance at Flic-en-Flac Beach where the sun looks like it’s gradually sinking into the pristine waters below.

Sunset at Flic-en-Flac Beach

Sunrise at Palmar Beach

2. Sea and Sand

Words fail to describe the irrepressible pulchritude of the beaches in Mauritius. The seashores are silken white sandy-perfect to entice mermaids to visit the land of Shangri-La. The island is grandiosely surrounded by sparkling blue zircon waters with the sun’s rays cutting through the gentle waves, resembling minuscule pieces of diamond. Speaking from my personal experience, swimming in the coral reef blue lagoons and luxuriating in the ocean’s intoxicating tease for hours is therapeutic to the mind, body and soul as well. Moreover, water activities like scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing, big-game fishing and sea kayak amongst others are super exciting and fun.

Belle Mare Beach

Le Morne Beach

3. Landscape

Mauritius is a relatively nascent island, having been created by volcanic eruption some 8-10 million years ago. Majestic mountains like the Piton de La Petite Rivière Noire, Pieter Both, Le Pouce and Le Morne Brabant are a hiker’s sanctum. The Black River Gorges National Park which is the largest national park on the island is home to endemic birds: the lovely Pink Pigeon, the white-tailed Paille-en-queue and the mischievous Mauritian Fruit Bat. Impressive waterfalls like Eau Bleue Waterfall and Tamarind Falls, better known as Sept Cascades among the locals, are common spots for nature lovers. There are four famous volcanoes in Mauritius namely Trou aux Cerfs, Trou Kanaka, Bassin Blanc and Grand Bassin, each with its spellbinding historical opulence.

Pieter Both Mountain

Chamarel Waterfall

Grand Bassin Lake

Trou aux Cerfs Volcano

4. Cuisine Créole

Mauritian cuisine is a marvellous fusion of Chinese, European, African and Indian dishes, all slightly remoulded over time to reflect the country’s cultural distinctiveness. The dholl puri, best served with spicy bean curry, rougaille and chutney is unmistakably the most popular street food around. Mauritians proudly start their day with a cuppa of the typical ambrosial vanilla tea. And how can we possibly miss talking about SEAFOODS? From the fishermen’s Cordonnier, Vielle Rouge and Capitaine to the prodigious variety of crabs, lobsters and octopuses, it is a gourmet’s joy to indulge in the delectable seafoods. Furthermore, the Mauritian Biryani, boulettes, Alouda, gâteaux patates, gâteaux piments and samoussas are a plenary treat for the taste buds. The list of mouth-watering tropical fruits is endless, including juicy mangoes, sweet litchis, succulent longans and fleshy coconuts.

Dholl Puri

Grilled tropical fish

Deep fried Mauritian snacks

5. Places of Interest

Whether you are a physisaphile or an urbanite, Mauritius has numerous places of interest to cater to the whims and fancies of its population. The Bagatelle Shopping Mall, Le Caudan Waterfront and Cascavelle Shopping Village host a multitude of high-end shops and extravagant restaurants. There are also a few well-maintained antiquated museums that sustain the colourful heritage of the country. By way of illustration, at L’Aventure du Sucre, you can get a notion of sugar production in Mauritius. The Casela World of Adventures and La Vanille Nature Park are two huge wildlife outdoor parks where people can meet thousands of animal species.

Le Caudan Waterfront

Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius

Cascavelle Shopping Village

6. Mixed Religion

The island is a multi-ethnic society composed of Indian, Muslim, African, French and Chinese descents who live in harmony with one another, respecting the values of religious tolerance, civic peace and democratic freedom. Mauritians glorify celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, Maha Shivaratri, Eid al-fitra and the Spring Festival with equal aplomb. There is an unshakable esprit de corps among the indigenous people as they pride themselves in their native uniqueness. Besides, the folks are notable for their extraordinary warmth and lavish hospitality towards tourists.

Thaipoosam Cavadee

Spring Festival

Maha Shivaratri

7. Lifestyle

The new generation of Mauritians, in general, has adopted a more relaxed outlook on life. They are mostly laid-back and easy-going in contrast to their fore-parents who had nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat to build a coruscating sophisticated Mauritius. One of the oldest, most entertaining activities enjoyed in the country is horse-racing. Movie theatres and a promenade with family and friends ensure quality bonding time. People use the Créole language although they are fluent in at least three languages-English and French being the most widely spoken ones. The Sega is an intensely vibrant, typical folklore dance in Mauritius which is the musical expression of the Mauritian way of life filled with gaiety and peppiness.

Horce racing at Champ de Mars

A group of artists performing the sega dance

Benefiting from a long history of political stability, a good governance record and a robust commercial infrastructure, the island is regularly hailed as one of Africa’s success stories. Since it gained independence in 1968, despite not being endowed with exploitable natural resources, it has continually and intrepidly undergone major economic transformations. Today, it relies heavily on its offshore, finance and tourism sectors to sustain its growth. Mauritius is, in effect, a well-connected international hub with different airlines from a number of different countries. It is indeed a beauty and Mark Twain was not wrong when he said, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

Copyrights © 2016 The Little Mermaid. All Rights Reserved

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

312 thoughts on “What’s Not To Love About Mauritius?”

  1. Mauritius is the place I only go in my dreams. I wish I could go there in reality, but may never come back if I ever did. The beauty of the place might be somewhat overwhelming and the beauty of the people, if you are any indication, would put me in a permanent swoon. How could anyone ever leave?

  2. Wonderful poem, beautiful photos, and interesting information about your lovely country! My son-in-law’s mother is a native Mauritian. He, his parents and siblings visited “home” a couple of years ago. What a stunning place! I would love to visit, even live there, someday. Thanks so much for sharing your paradise with us! 🙂

    1. Hello Michael, I remember you telling me about your connection to Mauritius on one of my previous posts. It’s genuinely a beautiful place to be. I hope you visit us someday.

      Best wishes and take care! X

  3. I must confess I’d never heard of Mauritius until I read your profile page a couple of years ago.

    Nor had I ever heard of that Mark Twain quote until I read it just now in the last sentence of your post.

    But after seeing all those pics of your lovely island and your beautiful descriptions, Mark Twain got it right like he did most everything else in his memorable quotes.

    1. Hi Dracul, it doesn’t surprise me at all that you’ve never heard of Mauritius before. It’s a country so small that it’s represented by a micro dot on the world map. It’s also largely mistaken to be African dominated when 49% of the population are Hindus.

      I’m so glad you agree with Mark Twain. Mauritius is tiny, yet mighty.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day! X

  4. Beautiful photos and country. I’ll book a flight, just as soon as I rest up from my last vacation. We’ve been thinking of visiting Africa, but so much of it seems unsafe. Angola was one country we’ve been considering. We’ll add Mauritius to the list.

  5. Wow! It really looks beautiful! I never realised how little I knew about your country. I do believe it’s going on my places to see list now.

  6. That would be an awesome place to spend a few years exploring,, and relaxing.
    Them are some beautiful pictures and a great story of the history and culture.
    Most have been awesome growing up and living there.
    Thanks for sharing and have a super wonderful day.

  7. A place before this post, I had only read the name of. Now I know it from your loving perspective and have only a greater desire to experience this paradise myself.

  8. Hugs you!! Always great to see what you have to share!! What a beautiful country and what a wonderful way they live, with cultural, and religious tolerance and acceptance unlike so much of our world. More hugs beautiful you!!

    1. Hey pal, how are you?

      Thank you very much for the nice words for my country. I have loved sharing about life here with all of you.

      Have a fantastic day! Huge hugs back XO

  9. Superb! Brilliant post! Loved it.
    May i know your name please and where you come from!

      1. Great name and great place you live in.Thank you so much! You have a class and I love it, Urvashi!
        I am from India and stay in Mumbai!
        Hv a nice day!

  10. The cataracts, or falls, I thought were particularly a spectacle. Easier from an armchair, so thanks for the pics. Someday a place to go in reality.

  11. What an island paradise. I would love to experience Mauritius one day. I love how there is such a diverse mix of religions all living together as one and celebrating each ones cultures and festivals. Great post 🙂

  12. I have just picked up a flower and will let it decide. Let’s see let me remove a petal:
    beautiful post, beautiful, place, delicious food
    beautiful post, beautiful, place, delicious food
    beautiful post, beautiful, place, delicious food
    the flower has many petals and just do not have the time – let’s call it a draw 🙂

  13. Beautifully descriptive introduction to your home. I enjoyed the pictures and envisioning life there. I think mermaids always pick the best places to live.

      1. I have a writer friend who I’ve known for many years. She is in love with the islands. She wants to live there and write full time. I’ve insisted that I visit regularly to ensure she continues to write and not just dally about at the waters edge in her mermaid attire.

      1. Thank you for your little tour through channel destination your backyard. I don’t always, you know, think in photogenicks remembering my own backyard.

  14. So beautiful. Thank you for educating me on a part of the world that I really knew nothing about. I have to visit there someday.

  15. What an incredibly beautiful place. Perhaps I have to visit it. That waterfall..unbelievable. I take it it is mainly underwater? I’d never thought of waterfalls being under the surface of the sea. The photo seems an optical illusion.

    1. That waterfall is actually only an illusion, though it looks totally real and not to mention stunning! Like a painting created by mother nature herself, the reason for the island’s famous waterfall illusion has to do with sand and silt deposits that flow through the area and fluctuate the color of the water so that it appears like a waterfall. Helicopter rides around that region and aerial shots provide the most visually stimulating appeal. It’s truly a wonder that captivates people from all over the world.

  16. I feel like I was already on an adventure while currently on vacation here in Richmond, VA. On my way to the Outer Banks later on today. I was taken away to a whole new dimension in life reading this. I told my wife that we gotta check that island out.

      1. We’re in the Outer Banks right now, and we’ll be in D.C. tomorrow. I’m gonna talk more at length about Mauritius.

  17. Thoroughly enjoyed the language and the style of writing👌👌👌. Always wanted to visit Mauritius and had only once seen a gorgeous sun rise over the island from a ship I was travelling on in 2010.

  18. Thank you. At first, I thought Mauritius was Mauritania. But it seems like I’ve seen the name before. The pictures are beautiful especially the rainbows. Your country reminds me of Madagascar too. Please come back more often to read my blogs. I’ll surely read more from yours. Take care.

      1. Thank you. But you haven’t posted anything lately. I hope things are okay. Take care

        1. Haha! Yes I haven’t. Everything is fine. It’s just that I’m a little busy at the moment but I’ll be back very soon. I miss everyone so much.

          By the way, I appreciate your concern. You’re a kind soul.

          Sending you positive energy, love and hugs X

  19. It’s a beautiful Monday morning, sun is shining, coffee in hand, Andrea Bocelli whispering Con Te Partiro in my ear, thinking how beautiful is this? Checking emails and notice you liked a couple of my blogs, thank you, and this is how I find myself leaving you a comment! Also, this is the first I’ve heard of “Mauritius”, so beautiful!

    1. Aw! I’m so glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog. Thank you for appreciating my write-up as much as you appreciate the little things in life.

      Please keep in touch! XO

  20. Mauritius lives here in the lively, luscious words and clear crisp photos you presented
    so pleasingly for us all to enjoy. Thanks you Little Mermaid. I am breathless

  21. My parents took us to Mauritius many years ago and I remember how stunningly beautiful it is. Unfortunately they were happy to be stuck in the resort we were staying in and therefore we didn’t really explore it properly… My advice: Wherever you are, discover the place!

    1. Hi Kally, climate change is critically threatening low lying islands that are being flooded by rising sea levels; and Mauritius is susceptible to the dangers being posed by global warming. But here, I think you are confusing Maldives with Mauritius. Maldives is the most disappearance-prone island on the planet. World scientists and leaders have already raised the alarm about its situation on the global platform.

      As for us, we can only pray for the safety and well-being of our Maldivian brothers and sisters.

      Have a nice day! X

      1. Oh yes, I’m sorry for confusing the two beautiful places. Never been to either of them and always wanted to do so. Climate change is a scary thing and we all can do so much more for our earth.

  22. Oh, you really make me long to visit your little mermaid paradise. But first I probably need to launch a project close to my heart here in Sweden with its comparably chilly summers and wet winters. I’d love to be guided by you in your beautiful country.

      1. Thanks, my dear Little Mermaid 🙂
        Your place looks really wonderful. Perhaps I am going to plan a holiday there in the future.

        Have a great time.
        Love and hugs with warm regards

  23. If Mark Twain, in your wonderfully elucidating story, felt that Heaven mirrors Mauritius, then this place is a place, I would like to experience. And your writing and photographs, really incourage one to make the trip. Being a photographer and a writer, I’d love to see what my lens might capture.. great article, thanks for sharing so much about your home land. 😉

  24. Your writing is so creative and amazing and you create so much imagery. I’m from Mauritius too and I think you really did capture what it’s truly like! 😄

    1. Hi Shay, thank you!! You’re the first Mauritian that I’m meeting in the blogosphere. I’m delighted to make your acquaintance. You’ve got a very pleasant and friendly website-I’ve started following you!

      Do keep in touch, sweetie! Kisses XO

      1. Hey! Yeah, you’re the first I’ve met too, it’s actually quite exciting. I don’t feel alone! Thank you so much! 😀 Followed back!

  25. Reblogged this on Write and Create (from Creative Writing Course) and commented:
    Hi Urvashi
    Thanks for visiting my site; and all the best with your blog
    “’early bird’ sleep-walking through life” craig
    * thanks m and “first thing” am is my best time (by far) when I get most things done
    “Explore, dream, discover”
    – Mark Twian
    from http://www.craiglockbooks.wordpress.com
    Best wishes from the First City to see the light

    1. Thank you so, so much for the reblog Craig! With your cordial support, I’ll surely be able to ‘make a difference’ somewhere, somehow.

      Sending love and light to you XO

      1. A pleasure, Urvashi

        Kind regards

        “early bird” craig
        By far my best time
        Have a great day making a difference on the beautiful island of Mauritius


        Best wishes from the First City to se

    1. We are almost neighbours. I’ve been wanting to visit South Africa for the longest time but I dunno why it’s not happening. Hopefully sometimes soon when the stars align. Haha!

  26. “Maurice”? Tout s’explique. 🙂 English and French and, and…
    Unfortunately I haven’t been (yet). My parents went while we were stationed in Kenya.
    Not too far. (But I was in boarding school)
    They absolutely loved the place and the people.
    I still have a photo of them by the statue of Paul et Virginie.
    (Daughter #2 is called Viriginie)
    Bon week-end Petite Sirène.

  27. This was a tremendous post~very lovely and enjoyable. I just finishes reading , “Plant Messiah” (OK, the guy has quite a complex about himself) but he is very fond of Mauritius so I already feel I know a bit about your beautiful home. What fun to come across your post, where you bring it even more alive for me.

  28. Wow! What exceptional beauty! I would love to visit your splendid island, Mauritius. Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to visiting yours again soon.

  29. I was on an archaeological dig at Ilse de la Passe (I think I spelled that right) in 2005. I really enjoyed my stay there. I would like to get back there again. I’m out of rum. 😉

    1. That is such a phenomenal scenery to imagine. So heart-warming! Allow us to reblog your post so we can add it to our sphere of sunshine. Please mail us anything that made you happy, any random thing at all at pursuitofhappiness2216@gmail.com. We accept all forms of entries- photos, poems, articles, songs, videos, anything at all.
      Consider adding to our happy space!
      Join our pursuit of happiness.

  30. Wow… so explosive. I love the descriptive writing style embraced with so much charisma and passion. I have just experienced the most lavishing Island Vacation. It cost me nothing, but time. Love 💕 it!

  31. What a lovely lovely post, with your love for Mauritius shining through…. and its done its work, I want to go to Mauritius too !
    My post on A Word to Durban may interest you, as you have an appreciation of beautiful places.

  32. Your photos are gorgeous! Mauritius truly sounds like a heavenly place for mermaids 🙂 Also, I’m totally hungry for some dholl puri and grilled fish.

  33. Thank you, Little (Little? you’re Great!) Mermaid for enriching my 0% knowledge of your island praised by Mark Twain:
    “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.”
    Without any intention to compare surroundings, I want to share with you a folcloric song that tells about a visit said to be made by St Peter, to Mendoza. Mendoza is a province with tourist attractions located in the Andes mountains of Argentina, where I live. Here are the closing lines attributed to St Peter when he said goodbye:
    – Gentlemen, when I get tired of Heaven, I will take up residence in Mendoza.

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