A Motto To Adhere To

“Why be plain vanilla when you can be a phenomenally explosive cocktail of maple syrup and vodka?”

-The Little Mermaid, MMXVIII

Photo Credits: Rita Hayworth, Columbia Pictures
Copyrights © 2016 The Little Mermaid. All Rights Reserved


Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

118 thoughts on “A Motto To Adhere To”

    1. You may well be right in your assessment, though there is Ava Gardner to consider & also the divine Miss Louise Brooks.

    1. Hello dear, to be vanilla is to be bland and cheap just so you can be put anywhere. However, by being a cocktail of maple syrup and vodka, you become more valuable and interesting, appealling to a select few of your level.

      Have a nice Saturday! X

      1. i know, but to me there is nothing bland or cheap about vanilla and i would rather be appealing to many, than just a few and to truly get the flavor of vanilla, one has to go through many steps to cultivate the plant and i hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    1. Wow Adrienne! That’s pretty cool. Where do you live by the way? Do you have a blog post on how you produce the maple syrup? If you do, please share it here as a link. I’m so eager to read from you. Thanks a lot!

      Have an awesome day, darling.

      Love and hugs X

        1. Beautiful post! It looks quite chilly but definitely lotsa fun too. And your fur babies are very cute. They seem to be enjoying your company.

          I will visit your site more often for my dose of virtual maple syrup on your farm. Take care.🤗

    1. Very well said! Conforming for the sake of security, comfort and political correctness is not my department. I’m still unable to decide whether it’s my plus point or a weakness.😂

  1. sissy here on the wagon smiles ludicrously offering you the idea of Vermont Maple Ginger – ‘tea’ (tisane) from Celestial Seasonings tea of Boulder Colorado…. and cackles about a rocking chair

  2. I’ll pass on the vodka, and pour the syrup on my pancakes. I understand that some people also use it in their hair. Must be tough to rinse out.

  3. She was some stunner, Rita Hayworth. I’m past the explosive cocktail stage Little Mermaid. My vodka days are well and truly over. Give me a nice English Breakfast in the afternoon and I’m happy.

    1. Thank you so much Daniel! Actually, my sporadic rebukes with regards to some topics can be largely attributed to my inability of dealing with the imbecility and vainglory of people. Haha!

      Enjoy your day! X

    1. Aww! Such a lovely rose!

      I have always, always adored roses since they are classically romantic. Beautiful. Refreshing. They seem to have their own story to tell.

      Thank you for the picture.

      Hugs and kisses XO

  4. I love the whole personality & life verve cocktail metaphor. This says a lot about you, and the verve carries through in your writing. Looking forward to reading your next piece. 😉

    1. Thank you so much Paul! I appreciate your stopping by my site and commenting on this post. I also look forward to building a fruitful blogging relationship with you.

      Have a nice day ahead and see you! X

    1. Hi Anishad, thanks for stopping by. I will visit your site in the coming days and appreciate your interest in guest blogging on my platform. I’ll definitely contact you if ever such an opportunity arises.

      Thank you very much! Take care.

  5. My sirenita, I can’t imagine you as plain vanilla anything. As mi sirenita you have the power to call me into the sea to drown. That has to be caramel, almond fudge at least 😀
    It’s great to be back in touch. ❤️

    1. Whee! Richhhh!! How are you? I haven’t seen you around in such a long time. I have missed you in the blogosphere.

      Aww caramel? Almond fudge? You’re over-pampering me.

      Sending you lots of love and hugs XO

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