Join In The Fun! Join In The November 2018 Tea Party! 

What better way to suggest friendliness – and to create it – than with a cup of tea?” -J. Grayson Luttrell

Aloha, charming WordPressers!

I’m delighted to announce you that The Little Mermaid is hosting her fifth monthly tea party on her website. What? A tea party? On WordPress? When? How? For whom? Alright..alright…take it easy. I’m coming on to your questions.

Classically, a ‘tea party’ makes one think of superiorly elegant and elaborate affairs of the Victorian times. It also conjures up images of fluffy scones, flavoursome muffins, Devonshire Cream and dainty sandwiches served on fine silver or deluxe bone china. Still, the elemental part of a tea party remains the affable exchange of dialogue among the invitees. Almost indistinguishably, the tea party that I am organizing is an online social event hosted in honour of bloggers, that is US! Blogging is most enjoyable when it is done interactively. The tea party, therefore, is an ideal occasion for socialising and making, as well as maintaining the acquaintance of those in the blogosphere. It is a chance to truly relax and to take some time to recharge one’s batteries by engaging in a light-hearted conversation, to be with friends and simply delight in each other’s company.

While the first tea party was open-ended, subsequent ones will be topical.

This month’s theme is:


What countries have you travelled to? Share your unique experience travelling either in groups or solo. What’s the best and worst part of travelling? What travel tips, if any, would you give to someone smitten by wanderlust?

The November 2018 tea party begins today and will close on the 30th. Make sure that you share a blog post round to the subject as a comment and allure bloggers to read you. As for newcomers out there-grab the golden opportunity to let your freak flag fly by sharing your first post with a huge gathering. Aren’t you excited?

Now that you’re in, it is noteworthy to mention that along with tea and cups, tea parties bring to the table certain etiquettes in the bargain that must be followed to make it more respectful and all the more interesting. Not only does this process make the tea party an entertaining one for everyone involved, it also makes coordination a lot easier.

So, let’s check out the guidelines below.

-Etiquette Number 1- Introduce yourself.

Introduce yourself, your blog or even your latest post to the community in such a way that it encourages others to converse with you. Avoid posting just a link as a comment which looks rude and spammy. Be polite.

-Etiquette Number 2- Mix and mingle.

Tea is a communal experience and there it requires that you meet and greet at least some of the other wonderful people in attendance. Participate by actively reading others’ comments and visiting their links/sites.

-Etiquette Number 3- Share & reblog the most recent tea party.

The purpose of the event is to create a platform where everyone benefits from real diversity of thought; and for that we need to find people who genuinely hold different views and invite them into the conversation. So, please spread the word in the blogosphere through reblogs.

It’s a sure thing that the tea party ritual punctuates our day with precious, refreshing pauses. Perhaps that is the true gift of a teatime celebration: it fills our cups with joy, warmth and friendship. May the echo of the teacup’s message be heard not only at special functions, but anytime friends come together, both in the virtual world and in reality.

With love,

The Little Mermaid

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

179 thoughts on “Join In The Fun! Join In The November 2018 Tea Party! ”

  1. Greetings and tea sunshine I traveled to many places but it was a long time ago. My name is Robin I saw Florence and Rome went to London and also France which I adored all places so fascinating and I was so intrigued by the beauty of Artwork and sculptures I am a singer and writer I would have loved to write when I was there long ago but I am so happy to have had the chance to travel to these wonderful places.

    1. Do you have any posts about your travels in Florence and Rome Robin? I have travelled around Europe but some how have never made it to Italy. I don’t know why because I love Italian food and I have many Italian friends here in London. The scenery of Italy looks so beautiful and the history fascinating.

      1. Well, Thanks for asking its been a long time ago when I went there group tour with my friends. When I was younger it’s really so beyond anything you could possibly imagine if you have never been there perhaps you could go one day to experience what I was so happy in that part of my life the history is divine so many places to see site seeing is a delight I love to walk

    2. Hi Robin, I think the places you traveled sound really wonderful. I went to Okinawa and Japan with my dad and the rest of my family right after WWII. and I have been down in Mexico in numerous parts from the border in Juarez (my family lived in El Paso, so we went shopping there really cheap and good food, and we also ate at restaurants over there. Then I was in the state of Chihuahua, in the town of Mata Ortiz and the town of Viejo Casas Grandes. Finally I spent time In Puebla, down near Mexico City. It is the site of the largest pyramid ruins and settlement in terms of square footage. Finally I spent one vacation traveling up the coast of the U.S. from California to Victoria and Vancouver in Canada, one of my favorites of all time. Its a beautiful place, and the people are very kind there. It seemed as though there was a lot of wilderness, and i loved that.

      My blog is It was nice visiting you.

  2. Hey Little Mermaid…your tea-party post is lovely to see!

    Travel is such a great theme…looking forward to seeing lots of holiday spam from other bloggers!

    My contribution today is a post I published a while ago in response to one of the challenges from “A Guy Called Bloke” on the theme of travel. Not only is he a very nice bloke and a supportive blogger, he regularly prepares blogging challenges and fun activities for bloggers to get involved in. Why don’t you have a go yourselves at responding to his challenges and getting involved in his activities.

    If you are looking to make contact with some fantastic bloggers, get involved in writing prompts and challenges – there are lots out there, so pick the ones you enjoy! Have fun at the tea-party and have fun blogging!

    1. One thing I love about travel is that everyone is experiencing something different while viewing the same thing, as each experience is personal. I traveled in West Africa in 2008, and it was a real eye opening experience. Love hearing about another persons experiences in Ghana.

    2. I left you a comment on your blog (sorry if it was a bit long…there is just sooo much to chat about in that post!)
      I flipped and mixed it too.

    3. Hi Crushed Caramel, I shared my travel experiences up on Robin’s post, so you can read that. I am fascinated by your reference to “A Guy Called Bloke,” and I am going to look him up. He sounds like just the sort of person who would be a lot of fun to follow. Glad to see you here again. Wishing you a happy holiday celebration for whatever holidays you might celebrate.

      1. Hi Anne
        Rory, the creator of “A Guy Called Bloke” is a great support to other bloggers. I will have a look at your travel post.
        I have just arrived home from work (nearly midnight here) so I’m going to get ready for sleep now, but I will pay another visit to The Tea Party tomorrow.
        Thank you for your message.

        1. Hi Jeanne, It is nice to meet you. It sounds like we have some things in common. I love to bake or make soup or stew or chilli or a nice hot one pan meal when it is nasty and cold outside and a good hot bread can be a very satisfying addition.

          I put the countries I have visited up in response to Robin’s post, so you can find it there.

          My blog site is I hope you will come and visit. It was a fun visit. Have a wonderful holiday season.

      1. Hi Darnell, Thank you for the kind words. I love to travel. We travel all the time. Flying fish recipes is a bit difficult to get here in Denver, but we do have very good seafood. In fact, funny you should mention fish, because i am just about to post for today ….. and it is going to be a fish dish. I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Are you going to tell us about travel or space travel Simon? 🙂
      Loved your post on how other writers are friends, not competition.
      I think many of us are extremely grateful for the support and encouragement from other bloggers/writers.

      1. Well I’m not likely to tell you about travel as I don’t travel much. But I know a little bit about space travel.
        I’m glad you liked the post it was from my friend Ari 😀

  3. Hello !
    I loved this concept and its a sure way to connect with outstanding writers around the globe! Thanks for this 🙂
    I began writing merely to express myself and have written on various topics – personal finance, life, spirituality and lately I’ve even discovered poetry as a mode of expression.
    My contribution today is from my trip to Iceland last year. I completed a road trip around this beautiful country in 10 days, exploring nature at its best. While the country offers some of the most spectacular views, it is equally expensive. I would like to share this post for anybody who wishes to travel to Iceland but is afraid for the huge expense :
    Hope it can be useful!

    1. Hi Ruby…
      I read more about the blue plaques….not only would I have had to have “left all earthly possessions behind”…but it said it would be another twenty years before I could be nominated. So I won’t be having an official blue plaque for at least twenty years! I definitely preferred your way of getting one!
      How is the new job by the way?

      1. Great so far, thank you! Doing lots of induction tasks, so at the moment no ‘real’ work. I’ve also to do a long course, which I relish but will eat into my down time.

  4. What a fantastic way to share stories with fellow bloggers. Travel stories are the best souvenirs that travelers collect from around the world, and we would like to share one of our stories here.
    Introductions first; we are Rob (& Norma) and we are two photographers with a love of travel. We started our travel blog last year to have a creative outlet and share our best photography and stories from our adventures around the world. Rob is from Canada and Norma is from Mexico, and we currently live on Isla Cozumel on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.
    Our most recent adventure was a 9-day road trip through the Canadian Rockies, and that is the story we would like to share now. We hope you enjoy!

  5. Hello, everyone! I learned about The Little Mermaid’s invite to the Travel Tea Party at Crushedcaramel’s blog; thank you for hosting and advertising, respectively! My name is Irene, and my blog is
    I guess since I live in Canada, my website is a travelling blog in a way, because I share recipes, stories and History of Mexico, but I have this particular post: , in which I talk about my first time ever in Europe.

    1. Hey Irene…great to see your name here. Your flavours from Mexico are always a welcome sight – do you have any recipes for vegetarian snacks? I am in a tapas competition at the end of this month (fun event with friends) and I am looking for something a bit different to wow everyone.

      1. Thank you for re-blogging about this fun party Cc! Let me look into the veggie snacks; I will try to find something good ASAP. Thank you for the request!

      1. Nice to meet you, Darnell! Thank you for visiting my blog; I found your website very interesting, and I liked how you include your writing, but also advice for writers and reviews.

    2. I’m loving your blog Irene, I’m looking forward to exploring your recipes! I have to say Mexican food is quite unknown to me to a certain extent, so I’m looking forward to trying some out 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you do get to try a few of my recipes! Your blog truly goes with the travel theme of this party, very interesting! (elephants, fireworks and all!)

  6. I love to travel and I love blogging about my travel adventures so this theme is right up my alley! While I’ve travelled to different spots throughout Canada, the US, and Europe, I’ve fallen in love with Paris over the past few years so it has been the main object of my recent journeys as well as my blog. The history, culture, art, food, architecture and lifestyle make it a wonderful place to visit. On that note, I hope you enjoy this post of mine on one of Paris’ most famous landmarks:

    1. Woooaw! What an amazing place to rent n apartment! You must have been so happy when you first saw the view!
      I left you a comment on your blog and flipped and mixed your post. 😀

      1. It certainly is a gem in an amazing city! I feel like I just scratched the surface as well. I guess I’ll just have to go back and explore more 😉

  7. Hello little mermaid and other bloggers. My name is Melissa and I have traveled to many places, my top 3 favourite being Nepal, Japan and New Zealand. However, my favourite would have to be the country my blog is all about, Australia! I pretended I was a tourist and went sightseeing in Sydney in this blog
    Looking forward to tea and a scone with you all!

    1. Oooh I would LOVE to go to Nepal too! (I already love Japan and Kiwiland!)
      I loved your tourist for a day post. I commented, flipped and mixed for you. ❤

    2. You covered a lot of interesting spots in just one visit; I am impressed! Nice photos, too! Did you eat anything? I try not to spend money while sightseeing, as you did, but local food is my weakness.

  8. Hello tea-party folks!
    The lovely Crushcaramel just invited me over to this shindig, so it’ll be lovely to share a cuppa (and a read) with you all.
    I’m Josy, and I write about hiking all over the world. Almost all of my posts are travel related as I love to explore (even when I’m at home). But as I have never been involved in this tea party, I’ll start with a funny one. This is my post about loos with views – the prettiest places I have ever peed:
    I actually found an even better one a few weeks ago, so I might have to update this…
    Anyway, once you’ve drank too much tea, I’ve got you covered. 😉

    1. Josy….what a post!
      I have in my head a tag line to advertise the NZ loo….but I am feeling to polite to post it here!
      That was so fun / interesting to read through!

      1. lol thanks Caramel-chan! That’s the problem when writing a loo-related post. It all comes down to toilet humour.

  9. Hi my name is Karen, my partner Dave and I and our 2 gorgeous mutts Nala and Baby are travelling in our converted camper van, through France at the moment, sampling as many cakes as possible, France = food and very good food and cakes. Then on to Spain for the tapas and menu del dia, adding to that the wonderful countryside and history.
    We have travelled in Spain, France, Andorra, Portugal, Gibraltar, Scotland, Wales, Dubai and Australia. This year and next hopefully adding a few more to the list maybe Germany, Italy, Morocco who knows, we have no plans just see where the road takes us. We love the lifestyle of not knowing what tomorrow will bring and each day being different.

    1. Loved that part of your London trip…I must get myself to sleep now (Greenwich Mean Time right now is 00.50am) but I will read the other parts of you London trip tomorrow.

    2. Well done for braving the Tube – it can at times be a crazy ordeal.
      I love seeing your photos….I love the British Museum and am regularly over ob the Southbank for events.

  10. Hi, all! My name is Daz, I’ve travelled many places in Europe, mostly our close neighbours here in Germany, being Hungary as my last visit after Italy and UK early this year. I love nature a lot and my top favorite places to date include “Monte Carlo” (for its wonderful sight of water while driving the road up high to the mountains), “Nice” (oh the lovely sight of beachfront Promenade of Nice, the castle and its blue water), “Budapest” (very nature-look, the mountains, sight of Buda and Pest divided by the river, everything around and the people are lovely, and of course my homeland “Philippines” for its all year-round warm or hot weather, and the lovely islands, the corals and amazing blue clear water. I recently wrote a poem entitled “Captive” which describes a feeling of a woman being abused by a man. Although my blog tackles about almost anything, be it life, travel, designs, poems, short stories, some inspirational thoughts, I mainly write anything that comes to my mind, and I “like, follow and reblog” any posts that I think could also inspire other bloggers like me. All my writings come from my personal experiences, my inner thoughts that I could hardly express, I just write them down, hoping someday it relieves my pain and everything I am going through.

  11. Hello! My name is Marianna and I’m from South Carolina, USA. The furthest I’ve traveled from home was to Cozumel, Mexico. I blogged about this trip and titled it “Love Is Not a Feeling,..Love Is Action Part I”. Although this trip was very wild and crazy due to a tropical storm, my most memorable travels were right here in the USA! Why fly everywhere? If you can get to your destination by car and you have the time…DRIVE IT! I never imagined the beauty and splendor the USA had to offer. I invite you to read the first (of three) “road trip” blog posts. The day I returned home 4,614 miles later was the day I began a new journey…one that would lead me deep into an alternate universe. My three part road trip series is the calm before my storm. Hopefully you will enjoy reading them as much as I had writing them. If you like Part I, please feel free to finish my “purely unadulterated…let the top down…wind in your hair” road trip and continue reading Part II and III. There’s no better place to start a journey than at the beginning and we would see something GRAND along the way. All of the photos in each of these posts, (including the one mentioned above) are my personal photos. I will never claim to be a great photographer! 😘

    1. I really enjoyed reading your roadtrip Marianna! I’m glad you had this calm, fun moment before your world was turned upside down!!

      1. Thanks for sharing your link. I will read it before the end of the day. I am in a crowd of people and I prefer to read it in peace and quiet…of course.😉 I appreciate you reading my post and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Cadillac Ranch is a cool place to visit indeed!

  12. I have mostly traveled solo to other countries, it was a different experience. It makes you look at things differently, it creates a different experience the best part meeting other solo travelers. I tend to think a lot, look at our society, and think freely.

    1. Oooh I LOVED hiking in Kiwiland. It was so pretty it’s hard to imagine it all being real when I look back at photos! Where did you go Melissa?

      1. It’s only 3 hours flight from here, so I’ve been 4 times. I’ve seen most of both islands, skied the south and hiked (they call it tramping).

      1. Anywhere on the south island, but Milford Sound is the best hike (tramp). North island for volcanoes.

  13. I’ve traveled in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France in Europe (I drove all over Spain, central and northern Italy, and southern France). I try to stay many days, preferably weeks, in most destinations (attending conferences often limits time and activities). I make all my own travel plans (I never do tours or packaged travel) and I recommend renting a car to explore villages and countryside outside of major cities.

    Paris is currently one of my favorite locations, but I also really love Rome and Madrid (I lived in Madrid for almost four years). I’ve also traveled through most of the southwestern USA, parts of the midwest, eastern and southeastern USA. I’ve had a few adventures in Mexico, as well.

    My advice for successful travel is to act with humility, patience, and friendliness. Be flexible but mindful, and above all be polite. Politeness, friendliness and flexibility can be most rewarding giving you rare or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see special places and participate in cultural activities not advertised or open to outsiders.

  14. Thanks for the invite to your tea party. My name is Roland Legge. I live in the prairies of Canada. I am a Life and Executive Coach and teach the psychological and spiritual tool called the Enneagram. I have traveled across much of Canada and the United States. I have also traveled to the UK three times, and Europe. I love to travel and meet people from around the world. It is the people and food that makes the trip special.

  15. Oh is it tea party time again?! Great!

    I am Özlem from Turkey. I love travelling ❤ I've been to Hong Kong, Tunisia, Morocco, the USA, Germany, Jordan, Spain, Portugal, England, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, France, and a few other places so far. I would love to see more of course. I write in Turkish, but you can have a look at the photos of some of the places I've visited:
    I believe I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Antalya. I like writing about the places to visit in this lovely city, too, and the last blog post by me was about that topic, too. If you'd like to have a look at the pictures of the flea market, toy museum, sea museum, and some photos of the old town, you may visit:

    I love this chance of socialising by people. Thank you for this opportunity Little Mermaid 🙂 ❤

    1. Hi Özlem
      Lovely to see your posts. I can’t remember if I mentioned to you last time I saw a comment from you here at the tea-party about our trip to Fethiye and Olu Deniz…very beautiful. More than anything I think I fell in love with the food (which is very typical for me when travelling) and we went scuba-diving in Turkey too which was incredible.
      Such a beautiful land you live in.

      1. Oh have you been to Fethiye? It IS a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my country. I’m glad you like it.
        The cuisine is something we Turkish people are so proud of. And that is also part of the reason why we can’t eat much when we travel abroad 😀 However, it’s a great way of learning about a culture of course, and broadening your horizons. Where are you from?

        1. I live in London now. But I grew up near Liverpool. Here in London there are lots of yummy Turkish restaurants and cafes – wjich is great.
          We had very good friends who lived in Fethiye and showed us around. It was great to have their help.

  16. I love to travel. I have travel across much of the US visit all of the lower 48 states. As for international, I have only been to England, Paris (France), a few spots in Mexico, the eastern third of Canada, all of Israel and Iceland. The great thing of travel is seeing a place I have never been. The bad part is being cramped on those long flights.

    1. Yes, true, as for me I don’t mind long flights as I take it as a chance to do some other things like reading books and write whatever comes to my mind, or simply watch some movies and so on. I have never been to US but I’m looking forward to it.😉 Have a great weekend😃

  17. Hello everyone?
    May I have a cup of Assam please? And could I possibly have a slice of chocolate cake? I do love a nice cup of tea and a sit down with friends and especially those, who adore travelling. Thank you to Crushed Caramel for inviting me to join the Tea Party and to Little Mermaid for being the hostess with the mostest :-). My name is Sarah and I am a humanitarian aid worker, reiki practitioner, artist, writer, musician and sailor. I am currently writing this from Dartmouth Yacht Club in Nova Scotia, where my husband and I have just finished the first leg of our round-the-world voyage on our sailboat Theros. I have always loved to travel and I have been able to live and work in over twenty countries, owing to my humanitarian career and travelled to over sixty-odd countries now by many different means for sheer adventure. So where do I start? I guess I will first post a link to an article on my blog, which gives a bit of a round up of some experiences I had during the last twenty years as an aid worker, then if you would like to read more I could share some experiences from our sailing adventures or long distance walking trips? So here goes, bring your back pack and buckle up and for you, no security clearance is required 😉 Happy Reading!

    1. Yeh Sarah! Assam tea and a huge slice of chocolate cake for you!
      Would love to see more of your travel posts and I am guessing you might write about your work as a humanitarian aid worker too?
      That will be very interesting because I have been involved in various avenues of volunteer work for years.

    2. Wow! What an amazing career you’ve had. And how wonderful to be able to incorporate your healing modalities into it.

      I think you might appreciate this post of mine on a visit to the Vimy Memorial in France. It’s a deeply moving reminder of the losses wrought by war as well as a hope for peace:

      Oh, and enjoy Dartmouth! It’s a great town.

  18. Is it that time again?

    We love to travel, but alas raising a family and that whole work thing over the years at times has slowed down the travelling bug somewhat. I have more of the wanderlust feel then Lynn does. Over the years I’ve been to Greece, the UK twice and trekked to the source of the Nile river.

    Over the past two years, we have travelled extensively to the east coast of Canada and in particular Price Edward Island. The land of red and white sand beaches that go on for miles. The freshest seafood on the planet and of course the world’s favourite redheaded girl, “Anne of Green Gables.”

    What makes Price Edward Island special though are its people. Kind, welcoming and with a laid-back spirit, the “Island” is like a tiny place that really hasn’t lost its innocence.

    Here are two posts that exemplify the nature and beauty of the people from Price Edward Island.

  19. Hi everyone! Another tea party… and this month’s theme is right up my alley, what fun  Thanks to crushedcaramel for flagging it to me and to The Little Mermaid for hosting and bringing us all together!

    I should introduce myself! My site is called My Dusty Flip-Flops – inspired by my slight (!) obsession of travel (and flip-flops!). I explain in more detail why I started blogging in my about page ( ) if you fancy checking it out.

    I do love all things travel and I’m always thinking about my next trip, wherever it may be! I’ve been lucky enough to travel a fair amount over the years, but most of my travel at the moment takes me to Australia and South East Asia. My last trip took me to Laos, which is a destination I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I had a fantastic time and I think post sums up what it all meant to me:

    Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to settle down with a nice cup of Earl Grey and a bourbon biscuit (or 3!), read your posts and get to know you!

  20. Hi everyone. My name is Darnell. I’ve had my blog for a few years but did nothing with it. This year I decided to post short stories and a few personal musings and socialize a bit. The theme is traveling this month so I’ll mention the only place I’ve gone outside of the U.S. I had the pleasure of visiting the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. Most of my fun was in the resort, but in the afternoon I went into town with the local people. I ate in little restaurants and ordered things I never had, like fried flying fish with rice and okra. The resort was nice, but walking around town was the best cultural experience. Check out my blog if you have a minute and please take my business card when you get there.

  21. A word of thanks to the tea party… I have published my post for November. Interested readers can see it at

  22. Hi everyone! It’s morning time here in Germany and I’m having a cup of green tea, posted on my blog at
    I just made a list of countries I’ve travelled and here’s the result:
    Budapest, Hungary
    Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Germany (where I live in)
    Czech Republic
    My favorite places to visit to date includes Monte Carlo in Monaco, Budapest in Hungary, Nice and Paris in France, Venice in Italy, and Oxford in UK.
    I’ve only written some poems and my feelings about the places I’ve visited but your blog encouraged me to post more about my travels and I hope I will be able to do this before the end of this year. Hope you’ll all have a great weekend.

  23. Hello!!!
    I am a beginner blogger who loves to seek out the truth and find it. My blog is I blog to inspire and encourage. And about truth that I find.
    Thanks for this tea party ‘Little Mermaid’. It’s a great idea!!!!

  24. I may be late to the tea party, but I am looking for new readers who might enjoy history, (and also new history blogs to follow). I have a general lifestyle blog, but my last several posts have been on history, including this one on my tour of a WW2 B17 Bomber and swing dance, which I posted for Remembrance Day. I guess you could say it is travel related, as it involves an airplane, and traveling to the past! Here’s the link.

      1. Thank you for sharing that…..I don’t think I have ever seen it close up before, just at a distance during memorial services, and was unaware of the landmines and the sheep. I don’t seem to see a spot to follow your blog which looks lovely???

  25. Thanks for the invitation to your Tea Party. This is such a fun and innovative way to meet other bloggers.
    My name is Paula and my blog address is:
    This topic is dear to my heart. The question of where I have been, well, how many pages am I allowed? My husband and I are inveterate travellers and have circumnavigated the world more than once. Our winter in Bali is a highlight, hobnobbing with penguins in Antarctica is special, our adventure driving over the Andes from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina still bring on butterflies. It was a delight to attend the opera at the Sydney Opera House. I am grateful to have seen as much as I have. The current journey is an awesome and special one which means I will have to continue my meanderings by reading the blogs of fellow travellers. I am happy to meet you all at this tea party.

    1. Hello gorgeous, thank you for thinking of me. It’s great to hear from you. How are things going on at your end? I’ll visit your site for more updates on your songs.

      Kindly note that I have changed my site address. You can find me at . Please make sure that you are following me there to keep in touch.

      I send you lots of love and good wishes, dear Charlotte. See you soon.🤗

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