Do Clipped Wings Grow Back?

You say that you love me
One moment I am flawless
but the next worthless
I am sick
of your lies unceasing
denials never-ending
My skin cracks and pales
Your face elates
at my mocked sentiments
and body void
If this be love
let me be unloved

I feel trapped
in your world
like a prisoner caged
ripped and torn apart
Why do your words pierce?
Why is your love fierce?
draining the life out of me
until I am shattered
that I can take it no more
and I crawl back to you
Hold on they say
faith and hope will endure
But for how long
when everything is obscure?
I am a bird whose wings have been clipped
Do clipped wings grow back?

*Image borrowed from Google

Author: The Little Mermaid

My soul is an enthralling mystery, delicately concocted with some chaos and a little glee.

54 thoughts on “Do Clipped Wings Grow Back?”

    1. And to enjoy the feel of the wet grass on one’s bare feet.

      Let us look on the bright side of life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Wonderful. Motorola released – Shatter proof glass ! I see the add every night during my way back home and I feel something like you said and I wanted to add, like baby I am shatter-less whatever you do, I will not break ! ๐Ÿ˜›

    But again, wonderful poem. I can feel what you mean to say.
    It is in the realm of being loved and loving someone.
    Sometimes, things go out of proportion and what comes in the way is pain.
    Pain in love is usually, but the pain that breaks you from the inside, evaporates you and makes you shallow, that you lose yourself !
    I think that kind of Pain doesn’t possess any value and need, even in the presence of Love !

    So keep rocking as always ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hahaha! And how about having a shatterproof heart? It sounds awesome, no?

      Spot-on there Bhanu! You do suffer in love; but when it gets beyond a certain limit, you have to rise and draw the line.

      Thanks for your contribution! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Not too sure if clipped wings grow back with time, but hope is beautiful. Sometimes what people say out of anger is really just out of anger & not meant to be true, only if we could learn to let go of the bad and hold on to the good, you’d fly together ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I agree with you to some extent, Keenjal. Forgiveness is always good but only when it is appreciated. Sometimes the other person takes advantage of this very forgiveness and you are taken for granted and treated like a doormat.

      It is never healthy when it is not mutual. Like we say, it takes two hands to clap; and so to make it work.

      Thanks for your input! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  3. This reminds me of the following. I sometimes tend to think that most of human relationships are abusive to a degree. By โ€˜abusiveโ€™, let me hasten to add, I do not necessarily mean in a violent manner. Yet using someone to oneโ€™s own ends is a kind of abuse in itself, and that, it would seem, happens far more often than I used to think. For I was recently told that many people apparently are with someone they do not necessarily and truly like, just keeping them around so as not to be lonely and, frankly, in order to have someone to fuck.
    I, for one, at any rate, could never be in such a relationship – I need to be in a partnership, a kind of symbiose, if you like, and I should never want a woman to simply hang on to me for the sole sake of hanging on. I am always looking for a personal connection, a deep emotional entanglement, as it were (if this be the right expression) – in vain, I suppose, for I am an idealist (as to values, not as to epistemology or ontology).

    What do you think of all this?

    1. Of course, abuse is not invariably physical. It can manifest itself in many other ways as well-emotional abuse being one of them; and trust me, it is no less, if not more painful. And as you’re saying, there are people who are with someone just so to have sex. But then I would probably not term this kind of love as ‘love’.

      Your tenet on relationships runs parallel with mine too. A real relationship goes beyond the sexual realm. It is primarily about sharing a kind of an emotional intimacy and a deep mind connection with a person.

      Thank you for your constructive remark!

      1. I suppose physical and emotional abuse are equally painful in their own regard. I am not really sure whether a direct comparison is possible, much less desirable.
        I agree that sex is not the most important thing; it is nice and wonderful, especially with someone one loves, but if it be all you share with someone, you certainly miss out on something far better.
        But I assume that many people do not even know of this possibility, mostly because their views of love and sex have been influenced, if not determined, by films, books, television, and the internet. I think that the ways in which both love and sex are portrayed either by Disney (as an often-cited case in point) or pornography are equally wrong, or at best misguided. MTV with its mind-numbing, simplistic, black-and-white formats certainly adds to this, too, particularly with respect to the younger generations. Series like โ€˜Girl Codeโ€™, โ€˜Guy Codeโ€™, and other nonsense do not portray a realistic view of life; but what else can you expect if that be all you are ever told?

        1. May I add the ‘true, passionate love’ between the oh-so-famous Christian and Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey, that was and still is the epitome of an ideal romantic relationship among millions of teens and young adults? I personally detest both the book and the movie, not to impugn the work of E.L James.

          Anyway, I think in the end it all redounds to a matter of your individual choice-what kind of movies you watch, what type of books you read, your role models in life, who you emulate amongst others. Negative influence is right out there but unless someone puts a gun at your head and forces you otherwise, I believe you can make good choices. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Most certainly, โ€˜50 Shades of (I have nothing relevant to say) G(igantic Bullshit)reyโ€™ is the epitome of the culture we are talking about. The question to be asked, then, though, would be: Do people wish to make choices? Of course, you can make choices, both good and bad, with respect to your intentions and the actual outcomes; yet indirect measures of rendering people afraid of thinking for themselves are abundant, and the sheep follow the shepherd even if it means their own demise. I may be too pessimistic, needless to say. Mayhap I just follow the habit of noticing the negative over the positive. Is this a habit to be overcome, though, or rather an insurmountable obstacle? And if either, would it be an illusion or a delusion?

            1. I agree with you. To put it bluntly, nowadays we live in a fucked up society-the media, art, technology, fashion, diametrically everything is kind of fucked up. So no, there is no illusion or delusion here. It is the stark reality of today. Sad, I know!

              1. People of all ages have said this, so let us still consider the possibility of this just being the human condition. The media certainly help reinforcing stereotypes, so the return of thinking in black and white can be arguably attributed to their influence through worldwide use. But then again, they are, as their name implies, simply intermediates. Whatever is distributed through them, therefore, is essentially human.

    1. I believe we definitely grow stronger from these experiences. It forms part of the learning process of life.

  4. The title strikes hard. Makes one want to read through the whole piece, and the piece lives up to the name. Do let us readers know sometime, how the clipped wings grew back. I’m sure they will.

  5. Yes, they do – but you have to leave and let go of the one who keeps clipping your wings! Not always easy to do until the heart has had “enough”.
    I think you might enjoy the book “The Psychology of Romantic Love”. Check it out on Amazon with the reviews!

          1. Not quite like that?
            Thanks mermaid, i like to keep the blog working. โ˜บ๏ธ
            Your seem to do very well though, what’s your secret? x

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